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The saddest thing is that their self-image is so distorted that they still think they are fat. Please wait We care about our visitors and respect personal information which you share with us. It is important to us that you are aware of data we are collecting about you and how we are doing it. Due to this we are updating our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. These updates will come into effect starting from May 25, By using the site izispicy.

You know what, you dumb CUNT? She was Anemic. She tried her hardest to get out of eating but when she did eat she'd puke it. She was also a cutter, but Your friend is an idiot. Anemia is not being Bulimic or Anorexic. Anemia is a blood disorder cause by an iron deficiency. The iron bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt could possibly be cause by either eating disorder, but is not always the case.

Normal people get anemia too. Also, cutting is for pussies. If your gonna do it, do it right. Down the river, not across the street. Thats hardly fair saying they choose not to eat a sandwich? I'm a chef and work so much i don't eat because I don't have time. I'ts got to a stange now where i cannot eat more than bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt few mouthfulls an hour otherwise i will throw it up because my stomach has shrunk so much.

I love food and dont have a mental eating disorder. I know well enough how powerful this demon is in bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt mind! I've been bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt from this disease for many years and still struggle to this day.

I was in that same place physically inand in a hospital unit. Pretty grim days! Many people do not understand it! But I am blessed to have those few who do bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt my life right now! My heart goes out to all who are unfortunate enough to be battling with this mind cancer! Haha you gettin so much hate over one comment Funny thing is I agree with you Damn anorexic girls So nasty!!

I don't give a flying shit if it's a "psychological disease" Guess what so are psychopathic bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt and killers!! U wanna defend them to?? Theyre just stupid and are addicted to not eating. They just gotta get their heads out of their asses and EAT!! Most anorexic's start with bulimia and it slowly becomes anorexia.

Often when anorexic people do eat they often induce vomiting afterwards. So that bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt isn't a 'retard' at all.

Anorexia and Bulimia are two different eating disorders, you can have one or the other or both. So JKhotline, bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt wrong. They CAN help it, then can not start making themselves throw up in the first place e. These are pro Ana girls: Girls who chose Anorexia as a lifestyle.

They take photos of themselves to show to others how thin they are, so they are proud of it. That's a different story then the "real" anorexia 'cause the real ones aren't proud of themselves at all.

Not true, a few of these photos are of me and I will be asking to have them removed after posting this comment. At the time I took the pictures, I was very unwell- both physically and psychologically and had little insight into the damage that could come from sharing the images. I was a lonely and troubled young girl who was desperately seeking somewhere to belong I did have "real" anorexia. It was very real, stole years from my life and very nearly killed me on several occasions.

It's very difficult to explain the mentality behind sharing those bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt. For once I had people telling me I was doing something right in my life, and as a very insecure young girl, it felt nice to have people tell me that I wasn't a complete failure.

Don't judge until you understand each and every person individually. Yes, some people are 'pro ana', but I always loathed that group of idiots. I've lost close friends to the disease and have been left with lifelong health implications because of it.

I would say that, were it not FOR the encouraging attitudes of the pro ana crap, the people who egged me on to lose weight in those early days, I probably never would bilder von bulimic anorexic girls nackt got as ill as I did.

Go eat shit and die, CUNT. You disgust me. If that is you, in your display picture, you're beyond disgusting. You don't deserve to live, much less eat. You have no right saying to someone they are disgusting OK first of all that's fucking bullying so don't ever say something like that.

Think before you speak because words can kill. Go take your anti-psychotic meds and calm the fuck down. Anorexia is the ugliest, most disgusting thing a person can choose to do to their body. Shut the fuck up. These girls don't decide to live the way they do. An evil demon in their mind, sits there, 24 hours a day, telling you how to live your life.

Can you even begin to imagine how that feels? Mental diseases are the worst because nobody can see them. Ignorant fucks like you think there must be no such thing as a mental illness, walk one fucking step in my shoes and you will see how hard it is.

Fuck you. Confused much? MrTroll 9 year s ago. Tarzan 9 year s ago. Peanut 9 year s ago. The girl in 3 has a tube inserted in her nose to help her breathe. Hopefully she won't die. Odds are against her. Not a breathing tube.

I'm assuming she was hospitalized at the time the picture was taken and they were force feeding her liquid food. Them skeletons need to eat. Someone must tell them that the super slim girl in the magazine is not a real one Someone needs to tell YOU that anorexia is a mental illness and can't be caught by the media any more than you can catch schizophrenia. Most schizophrenia is developed right out of high school when you adults leave he home and it is common in a large amount of the modern world.

You have never been more wrong. I post pictures of my bones to see myself shrink. Most are not pro-Ana, most would rather be normal, but they can't because it's how the control something in their life so they embrace it. I know plent of girls and guys who take photos "showing off" their bones because it makes them see and feel better knowing they are shrinking.

It's a disease, and making them eat something will not automatically fix them. Most likely they either would purge or exercise to wear it off. So please watch what you say. These girls really are emtionally charged.

Something had happened in their life, or they finally took control of something. It so happens, the one thing they can control is their intake of food. The less they eat the more people talk about it, thus liking the attention

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