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Go Paddy! You did a great job in your first bottoming scene, but Topher was not good enough. Another bottoming scene for Paddy and Gabriel is a fine partner! The pic of Paddy fingering his ass is sooo hot!! Its paddy o brian und gabriel clark time Paddy suck cocks.

We know sex on the side in hell like cocks. Paddy is clearly not indifferent to men. Paddy loves men more than you think. He most likely have sex with men outside porn.

He obviously likes to fuck Trenton. The way he moans and fucks him very hard shows how much he likes it. His pleasure shows in his face. He fucked Trenton with so much passion. He should win best performance of the year for that scene.

Paddy is a show stealer. I thought Paddy said that he would do it only one time during his discussion with the director on his paddy o brian und gabriel clark with Topher LOL. Unfortuanately, I think Topher will be the next top to bottom. Are you referring to Colby Keller? If you are then you are wrong about him not bottoming on screen — he got fucked by Gabriel Clark in a Cockyboys scene very recently.

I love all four of them and am looking forward to seeing these videos. My favourite scene with Rocco is when Johnny Rapid fucks him, strangely enough. I think Johnny Rapid is the best top Rocco has been paired with. Oh dear. Not again. He speaks French, tall, not so white white guy.

Eventhough he do flip flop here he still marvelous. Great job. Seeing Him with clothes make me feel even more happy. Also, if I remember well, once u said you hoped to never see again Gabriel fucked. Gabriel Clark is great. BUT I want him to shave! He is nearly always unshaved looking like he just came from bed in the morning… AND I would like him to get back to the more muscular body he had when he started his career at Lucas Entertainment. I was referring to Colby Jansen — men.

Topher does nothing for me, but I think he will bottom next — so a lot of people should be happy. The dude on men. Anyway he bottomed for Phenix Saint on Cockyboys years ago. Yeah I think it is Sebastian Young. It is all a marketing plot to get gay guy to pay up that cash. Your email address will not be published. Comments Go Paddy! Gabriel is too generic. They should have paired Paddy with Colby Keller. Paddy is into men and men are into Paddy. Cant wait for this scene and many more….

Keep dreaming guys, Paddy likes money, not men! Who cares about Paddy? Gabriel Clark bottoming again and apparently rimmed, hallelujah!!!! Lololol Paddy o brian und gabriel clark Lim will paddy o brian und gabriel clark love this.

I just wish Paddy would suck cock! This scene is also the first time Paddy sucks a cock! A plastic cock, but still…:-D. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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