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Skip to content. What I'd like to know is, how much less? Are there any statistics? Are there any documented cases of AIDS being spread this way? If so, how often does it seem hiv infektion durch oral sex occur? It's difficult to know whether it makes sense to take my chances unless I know what the chances are. Also, both you and the manual say transmission can't occur without contact with a mucous membrane. I have another AIDS brochure that says there's at least a small chance the virus could pass through tears around the cuticles of the hand.

Is this the case, and if so, how great a risk is there in putting your fingers in somebody's vagina or anus for extended periods? First, it's best to clear up the cuticle confusion. Yes, transmission of HIV could occur via contact with a mucous membrane and it also can happen via contact with the blood stream. Blood could be present from menstruation or just from the friction of hiv infektion durch oral sex sex.

More lube equals smaller chance of the latter. Hopefully it will make you happier to know the risks of contracting HIV from oral sex are considerably lower than from vaginal or anal intercourse. Risks do still exist for both partners, however, particularly when it comes to transmission of other sexually transmitted infections STIs. With reference to Hiv infektion durch oral sex specifically, the passive or receiving partner has little chance of contracting HIV because when you receive oral sex you are mainly exposing yourself to saliva, which has negligible concentrations of HIV.

Other STIs, like herpes or gonorrhea, can still hiv infektion durch oral sex transmitted to the person receiving oral sex. For a cunnilingus oral sex on a woman recipient, the chance of HIV transmission is also low, although the entire vagina is a mucous membrane through which, theoretically, the virus could be transmitted.

A woman receiving cunnilingus is more at risk of getting herpes or gonorrhea from her partner than of contracting HIV. Also, a hiv infektion durch oral sex giving oral sex to a woman may want to avoid doing so during her period, as menstrual blood can carry hiv infektion durch oral sex HIV to spread an infection. The risk of contracting HIV infection is greater for the partner giving oral sex.

Of the eight infected people, some reported having had recent dental work or having cuts in their mouths, indicating that HIV transmission by oral sex may be associated with cuts, lesions, or irritation in the mouth.

Dental dams, latex sheets, or even non-microwavable plastic food wrap can be used for protection during cunnilingus or rimming. With any type of sex, you and your partner can discuss what risks you are and are not willing to take and then come up with a safer sex strategy that works best for both of you. Using protection consistently and correctly for both oral sex and intercourse will help keep your sex life healthy and worry-free.

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