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Over the years the wrestling company have kept fans entertained with a number of risque Edge und lita live sex scenes. Some have lived long in the memory edge und lita live sex supporters, with few forgetting THAT scene involving Edge and Lita in the middle of the ring. Rubbing his success in the face of Cena's loyal supporters, he put on a show for the cameras - and his girlfriend - in a bed that was placed in the middle of the ring.

Mood lighting set the occasion with Edge cuddling his title as Lita positioned herself under the sheets. Ric Flair stopped their shenanigans as he challenged the Canadian, with Cena then getting involved, before he had a sneaky peak at Lita under the covers. After winning the WWE Women's Championship, she made a provocative ad-libbed gesture towards the camera, which McMahon furiously ordered to be edited out.

Commenting on the women who wanna fuck in novigrad, James told Wrestlecast: "I came back through the curtain and Vince was really mad. In the moment it had seemed amazing to me. I thought 'Vince will love this'. He didn't like it at all. He told me 'We're going to have to go back and edit that out. Do you know how much time this will take? The two Divas were seen in a steamy scene at a hotel room edge und lita live sex of Armageddon where Torrie was being fed strawberries by Dawn.

After they were shown to be kissing - much to the delight of the roaring fans edge und lita live sex attendance - Torrie's father who married Dawn on SmackDown a few weeks after stopped the clip before anything else happened. The American Diva became a huge hit with fans thanks to her strip tease segment - with McMahon teaching her how to pull off her signature moves.

Jokes were repeatedly made about manhood sizes, with phallic objects used as well as the act performing moonies to the fans edge und lita live sex. With Bubba Ray Edge und lita live sex going through a phase in of putting opponents through tables, Status was eyed up as his next target. And with Bubba becoming infatuated by her, Status took it upon herself to turn the tables as she partook in a edge und lita live sex of sketches where she erotically caressed tables in skimpy attire to dissuade him from carrying out his fantasy.

A WWE official was left red-faced after he walked in on a naked Alexa Bliss who was getting changed backstage in January After entering her dressing room, he immediately realised she was topless, though she managed to cover her modesty with a small top. But despite Melina and Batista sharing a passionate kiss, with the pair then shown to be getting dressed, the World Heavyweight champion told her, "thanks for the warm up", before vowing to kill his opponents.

And it was Batista that delivered the crushing blow on Mercury slots adult girlss in rochefort win him and Mysterio the titles.

Wrestling manager and ring announcer Sunny left fans' pulses racing when she introduced the Royal Rumble as she soaked herself in a bubble bath. Warning material of a "graphic nature" and that "viewer discretion is advised", Sunny certainly left all eyes on her. Sign in. Home News Entertainment Lifestyle Sport. All Football. Jake Lambourne.

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