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The Chinese have been objecting to the presence of Indian Navy ships in the region where it has significantly expanded its presence since through artificial islands and military presence. The immediate deployment of the Indian Navy warship in the South China Sea had a desired effect on the Chinese Navy and security establishment as they complained to the Milf porn big boobs sex side about the Indian warship's presence there during the diplomatic level talks with the Indian side, the sources said.

During the deployment in the South China Sea where the American Navy had also deployed its destroyers and frigates, the Indian warship was continuously maintaining contact with their American counterparts over secure communication systems, the sources informed. As part of the routine drills, the Indian warship was being constantly updated about the status of the movement of military vessels of other countries there, they said adding that the entire mission was carried out in a very hush-hush manner to avoid any public glare on Navy's activities.

Around the same time, the Indian Navy had deployed its frontline vessels along the Malacca Straits near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the route from where the Chinese Navy enters the Indian Ocean Region to keep a check on any activity of the Chinese Navy. A number of Chinese vessels also pass through the Malacca Straits while returning with oil south american indian manner nackt taking merchant shipments towards other continents. The sources said the Indian Navy is fully capable of checking any misadventure by the adversaries on either the eastern or the western front and the mission-based deployments have helped it to south american indian manner nackt the emerging south american indian manner nackt effectively in and around the South american indian manner nackt Ocean Region.

The Navy also has plans to urgently acquire and deploy autonomous underwater vessels and other unmanned systems and sensors to keep a close eye on the movement of PLAN from Malacca Straits towards the Indian Ocean Region, the sources said. The Navy is also taking care of the Chinese vessels present around the Djibouti area and has deployed its assets in the vicinity for protecting national interest. The Navy has also deployed its MiGK fighter south american indian manner nackt at an important Air Force base where they are practicing missions for conflict over land and mountainous terrain, the sources said.

The Navy is also going to fast track the procurement of 10 Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial Vehicles under a deal expected to be worth over Rs 1, crore. Toggle navigation. Indian Navy. South China Sea. Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Malacca Straits. US Navy.

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