Pikachu had stopped by tonight so that we could spend some time together. Sex with Pikachu was wonderful, the subtle static tickling as she bounced up and down on my cock was to die for. I heard the knocks on the door, Pikachu's secret password. I walked over, opened the door and the mouse scampered in, holding a Pokeball. As planned some got on Charmander and it's body began to morph.

The humanoid body came first, followed by two B-cup sized breasts, a cute little butt, short tomboyish orange hair and sharp teeth. The only thing remaining of her reptilians form was the tail with the flame on the end. Charmander looked so sexy as Pikachu played with her. Pikachu suddenly pushed Charmander into me and sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann fire tailed girl was quick to start kissing me. I the midst of our make out session the two of us walked over to the bed, when I opened my eyes Pikachu was gone, likely leaving so Charmander and I could have some alone time.

I slowly pushed into Charmander, making her moan as I stretched her walls. I began sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann grind my body and thrust into Charmander. I grabbed Charmander's hips and started pleasuring her. The lizard's walls were tight around my length, my testicles were swinging around and slapping into Charmander's cute ass. The girl was biting her lip to stifle her moans. Charmander started moving her hips to meet my movements, making us both moan louder.

Her nails were digging into my back, causing me slight pleasurable pain. I gave the sexy orange haired girl a few more good thrusts and then I felt a familiar tingling sensation. I took a second to catch my breath, Charmander was looking at her body when she got up and gave me a nice view of her bottom. Charmander's flaming tail was just inches from my face, but the heat was warm but not scalding, it was wagging slowly but avoided my face.

Charmander's butt jiggled each time I made contact with her, and after each thrust the lizard let out a yelp of pleasure. Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Turns sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann Misty is a Futanari, with the power to change Pokemon into sexy Pokegirls.

Follow her as she journeys with Ash and builds a group of girls right out of a dream. Italics indicate thinking. Do it Harder! We both laid on top of each other, kissing and touching all over each other's bodies.

Suggest who you want to see in the future. Till Next Time! Chapter 1: Shocking Start- Pikachu 2. Chapter 3: Blaze- Charmander 4. Chapter 5: Rock Hard- Onix 6. Chapter 6: Scorch- Charmeleon 7.

Chapter 8: Regal- Vulpix 9. Chapter 9: Torrent- Wartortle Chapter Thunder- Raichu Chapter Furry- Meowth Chapter Inferno- Charizard Chapter Quack- Psyduck Chapter Tongue - Lickitung Chapter Joy and Jenny Chapter Royal- Ninetales Chapter Evo Chapter Birds of a Feather Chapter Mother- Delia Chapter Sea Serpent- Gyarados Chapter Poison-Jessie fuck yeah kitzeln und sex Chapter Child- Togepi Chapter Gush- Blastoise Chapter The Leaf- Chikorita Chapter Blooming- Venusaur Chapter A Hoot- Noctowl Chapter Chomp- Totadile Chapter Doubles- Ditto and Meowth Chapter 34 Swirl- Poliwhirl Chapter Sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann Little Cows- Whitney Chapter Greener- Bayleef Chapter Hoppy- Politoed Chapter Burned Tower Chapter Snap- Croconaw Chapter Strength- Jasmine Chapter Cold as Ice-Sneasel Chapter Dragon- Clair Chapter Trinity- Jhoto Sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann Chapter Breakfast- Phanpy Chapter Meeting- Lugia and Celebi sexy pokemon girls misty dawn kann Chapter Return to Home Chapter Hoenn- Treecko Chapter New Friends- May and Torchic Chapter Bbw mature granny arsch spread Sibling- Max Chapter Crabby- Corphish Chapter Twins- Ralts X2 Chapter Gush- Mudkip Chapter Catches- Multiple Chapter Roxanne Chapter Firebird- Combusken Chapter Evolution- Mightyena Max Chapter Wings- Taillow Chapter Beauty Chapter Trouble Trio- Marshtomp Chapter Twin Trouble- Kirlia X2 Chapter Evo Orgy- Metang and Swellow Chapter Dragonfly- May Vibrava Chapter Steamy- Flannery and Snorunt Chapter Paris hilton nackt lesben sex Swampert Chapter Catty- Delcatty Chapter Skyward- Winona and Absol Chapter Yuki- Froslass Chapter Comets- Tate and Liza Chapter New Feelings Chapter Spirit Medium- Phoebe Chapter Misty Island Chapter Sky Tower Chapter Futanari Legend Chapter Battle Frontier Start Chapter Fronteir Brain- Greta

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