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This, for the benefit of future rock historians, is the transcript of a screenplay I wrote in the summer of It was tailored for the historic punk rock band the Sex Pistols, and was to be directed by Russ Meyer and produced by the impresario Malcolm McLaren.

It still carried its original title, "Anarchy in the U. All I intend to do here is reprint it. Comments are open, but I can't discuss what I wrote, why I wrote it, or what I should or shouldn't have written.

Frankly, I have no idea. What you gonna do? He is dressed entirely in red, rides a black horse, and carries a black flag: Red and black sex pistols who killed bambi the international colors of anarchy. They are apparently made up of letters cut from newspapers and magazines, and assembled to give the appearance of kidnap ransom note. But mixed in with them is an assortment of out-of-work British eccentrics, who give the queue the potential for becoming a spontaneous side-show.

Almost anyone could be waiting along that drab London street; perhaps we see. A blind beggar with a cup, playing a concertina; two Cockneys running a shell game; a man on a unicycle; people plying such out-dated implements as hula-hoops, paddle-balls and yo-yo's; an artist who must continually move his easel as the line inches forward; dogs chasing cats; old ladies - one with sex pistols who killed bambi parrot; an assortment of hookers; a Pakistani family; a chestnut vendor; an exhibitionist, who flashes for the benefit of a phalanx of Japanese tourists; a weight-lifter; kids on roller skates, and others on skate-boards; a motorcycle gang; Teddy boys; men in bowler hats; Butch lesbians; an sex pistols who killed bambi judge in a powdered wig - and even a sandwich man, whose sign reads: "Repent for the end is at hand.

Despite the chaotic background activity which the above suggests, a good many of the people waiting in the line are watching nackte girls in der offentlichkeit aktivitat Sex pistols who killed bambi MAN, a man who has trained birds to do tricks on the back of his dog.

There is a scattering of unenthusiastic applause, followed by a collection that nets him only a few pennies. The two Cockney's go into action with their con-game. He stacks one on its end and balances sex pistols who killed bambi other over it, forming a makeshift table. Brings out a pack of cards and begins to shuffle them in the air. Who knows where the knave is? Puts the Joker face up on the table.

Deals cards on either side of it: A King and a Queen. That's right! There he is Sweeps up all three cards and deals them out again. Joker, King, Queen. Cockney One remains very much sex pistols who killed bambi the b. The line inches forward a sex pistols who killed bambi. Jamie lee curtis nackt pic last actual employment I had was in your line.

The line shuffles ahead slowly, the unemployed in many cases lacking the energy to even look up at the riot of roller-skaters and sidewalk entertainers. Meanwhile, back at the Cockney's con-game Cockney Two now turns all three cards over - establishing the Joker on the left end. Rotates the cards - King to left, Joker to right, Queen out of the middle, King back in the middle, Joker to left, whatever. That's it! Where's the Joker?

Where is the little fucker? Cockney Two turns over the card on the left - and it is the Joker. He repeats the process a few times, each time allowing the person guessing to get it right.

Now Cockney One edges forward out of the background. Manipulates the cards again - and Cockney One gets the wrong card! A second time - wrong again. Cockney One seems to be getting mad. Emboldened, the Coal Miner steps to the front again. Cockney Two again switches the cards around - and again lets the Coal Miner guess correctly! The Miner swells. Cockney One feigns anger. The Coal Miner holds both fivers.

The wait grows long and tiresome for the people in line. One man, drunk or very hung over, has passed out leaning against a building, only his forehead making contact with the wall. Others take a dart board with a long cord on it, hang it down his back with the cord suspending sex pistols who killed bambi from the top of his head, and, in b. Back at the Cockney con-game, the two Cockneys have now all but got the Coal Miner set sex pistols who killed bambi for the kill.

Cockney One tries again to guess where the Joker is And fails again. So Cockney Nackt madchen masturbieren in grunen schleim now holds ten quid from Cockney One, and his own five quid. Sex pistols who killed bambi throws all three bills down on the table.

Who knows where the sex pistols who killed bambi is? Where's your money, gents? Who can spot the Joker? A crowd sex pistols who killed bambi gathered. Cockney Two manipulates the cards again - and this time, amazingly, the Coal Miner is wrong! Loses his five quid, which Cockney Two scoops up. The Coal Miner, balanced between anger and confusion, stares at the cards as we:.

An Austin Princess, approaching the queue, exuding power and mystery. His motto: Now is Then. He's well-preserved and youthful-looking, and filled with limitless if often inane enthusiasm. He comes on to people as if he'd made a careful study of the Zero Mostel character in " The Producers " For a moment, Proby does nothing more than quietly regard the unemployment queue. Then he reaches down and picks up the ornate speaking-horn of his expensive dictaphone.

He turns on the recording machine and clears his throat. The morning papers report that unemployment in the United Kingdom reached its highest point today since the Great Depression.

Thousands of people stood in unemployment queues for the first times in their lives. He switches off the machine, regards the queue for another moment, and then switches the dictaphone on again.

PROBY continuing Note well: On this same date, whether realized or not, the era of the rock millionaire came to an end. The music of the future, to be engineered by myself: Rock for the downtrodden masses. He taps the glass again and nods. The Chauffeur leaps out to open the door for Proby, and we see that even Chauffeur's costumes have undergone budget-cuts in a time of national belt-tightening: The driver wears black pants and shoes, a striped yellow-and-black butler's vest, a too-small leather cap, and nothing else.

Proby, on the other hand, is dressed in a jacket and pants with big, loud checks, as if he were Zero Mostel just come from the opening night of "Springtime for Hitler". We'll see him later dressed in several other ways; in fashion as in everything else, he's the ultimate eclectic and trend-setter. He pauses for a second, surveys the scene, gets out of the limousine and picks up a large battery-powered loud-hailer nylon strumpf schlampen michelle thorne the seat.

He addresses the multitudes. Who wants to be a star? The Judge takes another step forward. He's very old - perhaps 90 or Taking advantage of the silence, he clears his throat, coughs self-consciously, and begins an aged version of Elvis Presley's swivel-hipped routine. Don't you - Step on my blue suede shoes! His performance dramatically alters the mood of the scene. People begin to press forward, and the Judge is upstaged by all sorts of people eager to audition for the famous Proby.

We see several acts, all of them briefly; as Proby acts as emcee. He spots an Irish-looking workingman. Irish, right? Let's have sex pistols who killed bambi song, then! I never met an Irishman who couldn't sing What's your line of work? Proby listens, dismisses, moves on in seconds, as the crowd is electrified, pushing forward, each person eager to be the next.

In the sex pistols who killed bambi. This is still not what Proby is looking for. He looks down and sees an ll-year-old GIRL, blonde and dreamlike, who has wandered up to the front without his noticing. Proby scrutinizes her as she stands before him. It's too upbeat. What we need these days is depression! Negativism, anarchy and defeat!

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