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  1. Colby Melvin declared: "I've never talked about my breakup in an interview before.

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The happy couple obviously looks hot in scantily-clad underwear but they look adorably romantic and sexy in new images from their engagement photo shoot. Congrats to both! Yet another embarrasing, stereotypical display.

Will you write such a glowing article when they get divorced in two years? Models are a dime a dozen. The pics should be good, you andrew christian colby und brandon, because they are models! Yes, these men are handsome, well built, and with their professional wardrobes, perfectly attired.

However, what do they stand for? What do they do for the LGBT community other than being well dressed and attractive? Why must it be all suicides, sex, and beauty?

Taliaferro : Calm down. Why would I want to see a leather daddy and his gimp BF making scrambled eggs together when I can see these two generic guys and imagine myself in their place.

All you gays who wish out of shape, older guys really need to get real. I think you both sound a little bitter. Maybe instead of complaining, you could make yourself more attractive.

Just some general maintenance, grooming, and proper fitting clothes will do the trick. Believe me, you can have a balance of sex, beauty AND stand for something. Photos like this and these two men in general [follow them on Twitter and see what they do in real life] actually do a lot for the LGBT community. God, they just wanted to share their happiness with their friends and the world; what the H is wrong with that???!!

I must say. Wow, with all that is going on these days I would have thought this kind of thing would have been received more positively. I think they are a beautiful couple, not because they are models. We all want to feel beautiful and sexy as they appear to most people who may look at these pictures, we want our pictures with our partner to be aspiring and give hope as these pictures may do for someone who sees them. They andrew christian colby und brandon love in what can truly be considered a andrew christian colby und brandon place, as models tend to be very andrew christian colby und brandon and shallow.

So be happy for the moment, hope its real love, may it last forever! You two guys make a beautiful couple. Been fun following your romancing on Andrew Christian. The very best to you as your lives meld together. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Any couple would be so lucky to have that kind of happiness and spontanaeity. Lovely…Congrats to the newly engaged couple! You simply congratulate them and wish them well. Congrats Colby and Brandon.

Oh Andrew christian colby und brandon. And, yes, the pics are adorable, as are they! I find it appalling that so many in the gay community, who fight for acceptance and tolerance sp? Be happy for this couple and quit adding to the misconception that gay men are jealous, prissy, divas. I wish them well as they look happy in the pictures.

I most especially love the flying superman pic!! So freaking cute! Queerty deserves kudos for unwittingly permitting so many of us to vent our myriad issues. These two belong together. I wish them both all of the happiness in the world. Taliaferro : Actually, Colby Melvin has contributed to the community. A quick Google shows he has done activist type work by doing pro gay videos and speaking out for marriage equality. You come across as bitter and tired and whiny and counterproductive.

Search for:. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of andrewchristian brandonbrown colbymelvin stories and more. Featured on Queerty TV. Dixie Rect kennetho : Agreed, but they are hardly filthy rich. TinoTurner Taliaferro : Calm down. MikeE andrew christian colby und brandon amount of gay-bashing going on in this thread is amazing. I think there are a lot of sexy nude big tit latinas screwed-up in the head gym bunnies posting here.

Aric Excellent photos. I wish them well. Barbarian Wow, with all that is going on these days I would have thought this kind of thing would have been received more positively. Could have been cuter. Dwayne mhrd : Agreed…we always seem to be our own worst enemy.

Dwayne Congrats Colby and Brandon. Klaus kennetho : Bitter much princess? People on here need to grow lives already! Kym Oh Sweethearts…. Fidelio mhrd : or they can just get laid. Andrew christian colby und brandon on Queerty.

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