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Trieste, Italy is a place that not many people know much about. Trieste has a checkered and interesting history but not many people visit.

The area of Friuli Venezia Giulia is relatively unknown as a wine-producing region with a coastal gulf all to itself. I had always wanted to visit Trieste and I finally made the time to make it happen. Here are 5 awesome things to do in Trieste, Italy.

It is a great example of Austro-Hungarian planning and a source of immense pride for the people of Trieste. Be sure to visit at both because it looks totally different and possibly even more impressive at night. During the day of course you look toward the Gulf of Trieste and that adds to the allure. However, it is Italy after all so you should be used to crowds! Walking around is by far the best way to see Trieste.

There are far more than 5 things to do in Trieste so walking allows to do them and to make your own sites. I really svensk free porn alien fleshlight the Grand Canal area. It was a great place to meet friends and have a drink as the sun goes down. Pretty much anything south of the main drag of Corso Italia is epic looking.

Gaze off into the side streets and pick the ones to your liking. So just walk around and find your Trieste.

Castello di Miramare is about a minute drive out of the center of Trieste. It is a beautiful castle that is well worth a visit and is probably the single best thing to see in Trieste. The photos of the castle itself are great but the views back to Trieste across the Gulf of Trieste make the setting to me. Make sure to also walk the gardens and walk around outside for different perspectives of the castle walls.

You can also tour the inside of the castle for another 12 euros a person. I was only in Trieste for one day but I certainly made the most of my eating time. But Trieste is a little different in that most want to have some drinks in trieste do either meat or fish. I asked the concierge at my hotel, The Victoria Hotel, what the best restaurant in town was.

He gave me three options. I went with Al Bagatto. Al Bagatto was fantastic. There is no better descriptive term to use as the mains, starters, desserts, wine, ambience and everything else was perfect.

I highly recommend the scallops and the radicchio. But listen to your waiter because the restaurant has seasonal tasting menus. They also know their regional wine and it is superb. As I just mentioned the wine in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region is unknown and excellent.

Udine produces tremendous Cabernets and I definitely indulged in a few. My absolute favorite was Petrucco. It was a bold and somewhat sweet Cabernet and I highly recommend it.

Anywhere you go in Trieste you can stop for a coffee. Trieste is known for their coffee and is the home of Illy. The cappuccino and espressos are perfect and the added ambience of standing in an Italian coffee bar make the taste even better. Italian beers are always good but never great. These 5 things to want to have some drinks in trieste in Trieste, Italy pretty much sum up exactly what Trieste is. But like most places in Italy, the food and drink is killer.

It really is want to have some drinks in trieste the want to have some drinks in trieste of nowhere tucked up by the Balkans. I had never really seen photos before so thanks again for posting and glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Al, yes I really did enjoy it. Nevertheless I am thrilled I went! Is it part of a serial nomination? Anyway, thanks for pointing that out, much appreciated! Thank you for writing about Trieste. I was born there and left as a teen.

However, I was back many times and you left out quite a lot. I find I it annoying that Slovenia seems to be always mentioned. Living in Trieste, one is barely aware of Slovenia. There are small areas in the Carso where Slovene is spoken as well as Italian. Although she missed a few things about Trieste it is an excellent and somewhat fascinating book.

That is where my family is from in Italy! It is my dream to visit Trieste! Thanks for posting, this is inspiring to visit and see where I am from. Lee, I agree that the piazza in Trieste is one of the best in Italy. Much of the rest of the city want to have some drinks in trieste not beautiful but the piazza and the setting certainly are. Great post Lee! I will definitely check out Trieste next time! Want to have some drinks in trieste, Amazing places to visit in Italy.

Once my uncle visited Trieste same thing he mentioned about love of coffee there. I will surely plan it soon. Was last week in Trieste and it was again a lovelly city we did a short stop over there from portoroz with our sailingboot took a cappucchino at the main square and visited the castle of miramare. We had perfect weather and took great pics. Thanks for your tipps in this article. All the best from Austria Eva-Maria. Great article. Thank you! But is Trieste not near the Slovenian and Croatian borders?

Austria is above Slovenia. Tarvisio is the Italian city that is in the corner near Slovenia and Austria. Lee Abbamonte has visited every country in the world plus both the North and South Poles Read more Lee Abbamonte Traveled to every country in the world. Walking Around Walking around is by far the best way to see Trieste.

Castello di Miramare Castello di Miramare is about a minute drive out of the center of Trieste. Eat I was only in Trieste for one day but I certainly made the most of my eating time. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin. Comments Al says. June 8, at am.

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I drove across the border of Slovenia, it was about 15 minutes or so.

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