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Truly a broad after my own heart. The right side of her lips Cheshire cats up with mischief while the left plays it cool through whatever comes. Nor does this clip. Like I was saying, one tough, hot broad. And she is also a serial retweeter. But Ms. And not asiatische nackt japanische madchen anal Twitter friends either.

And Ellen Barkin was all kinds of fun to watch in another cheesy film called 'Switch' Ellen Barkin has had some good, some very good, some bad and some very bad films, but in all of them she has always stood out - Ellen Barkin really does personify the term 'broad.

Seriously should not watch that clip peta wilson ellen barkin nackt work I knew Peta Wilson was fairly awesome, but I had a definite fangirl moment over the "Mercy" clip. And yes, whatever happened to her? Off to IMDB! I love this blog. Egads, Snarker woman, you are hitting all the right buttons. Suspect you are a woman with a broad range of interests.

I know Peta Nikita inside and out, and almost same is true with the Barkin. Your Maria Bello write up peta wilson ellen barkin nackt spot on oh my, the "leaning" point was so sexy and I will forever more notice "leans" from here on out, till the universe ends. And may I just add, Bello's character loves to torture gets under the skin of the boyfriends ex-wife who is OCD by honing in on her insecurities "better lock your window sashes tonight there's a killer on the loose" -- reminds me of one of my ex's.

This is why I find Bello's character SO endearing -- has no time for bs in any hostile environment. Is SHE a broad? Oh yeah, and then some she will cut a bitch. Oh my, this was about Barkin. She peta wilson ellen barkin nackt also friends with Sarandon.

A tight knit group. I love Ellen Barkin and her tweets are pretty fuckin fabulous. Ditto to most of that, but hooray for the underrated and very sexy Wendy Crewson. Why does Santa Claus have the hottest wives?! Elizabeth Mitchell. I Love her. Her tweets are just hilarious. She just tweeted us this too. Post a Comment. Thursday, October 27, Fuckin Barkin. Ellen Barkin is a broad in the truest peta wilson ellen barkin nackt. Some peta wilson ellen barkin nackt are ladies, some gals, some chicks.

But it takes a special kind of lady to be a broad. And Ellen, she is a real broad. And that makes for some pretty entertaining tweeting. Labels: Ellen Barkin. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Who Is This Nutcase? I Write Back dorothysnarker[at]yahoo.

I suck. You're pretty. Forgive me. Snarker's New Home. I'm A Twit. Yes, Here Too. Yellow Brick Road. Who, Me, Seriously? I Best Lesbian Twitter Feed. Who Me, Seriously? Who, Me, Seriously IV.

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