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I received a copy of this as part of the Kindle First program by. I feel compelled to slots adult girlss in krakow something positive about this book by virtue of the unconscionable period of slots adult girlss in krakow it portrays however this book is very rough around the edges and needed time with the editor before going slots adult girlss in krakow press There are numerous misspellings and entire passages of the book that are duplicated between chapters The dialog is incredibly wooden and academic if running around slots adult girlss in krakow Warsaw exclaiming you are a true German isn t the fastest way to the oust yourself as a Jew then I don t know what is Also, be prepared to trudge.

Unexpectedly good read. The story centres on Rita Feuerstahl and her experiences as a polish Jew prior to slots adult girlss in krakow during World War 2. This isn t your average holocaust novel, and the author has definitely researched well You need to know your history to get the most out this and whilst some reviewers have focused on the sex scenes, the bulk of the book tells a believable story or war, loss of lov.

This book was a struggle to get through There were a lot of references to political ideologies that I didn t know and was too lazy to look up myself The character wasn t likable and unrealistic But I guess there had to be some people who got through WWII easily I m glad it was a free book, otherwise I would not have read it If you like historical fiction, I d skip this one.

I slots adult girlss in krakow of course drawn to this book by the title my beloved Krakow and by the promise of a well executed WWII story by Duke professor Alex Rosenberg I found much than your average war story the high stakes of a political secret, complex and unusual love affairs and a child in peril had me holding my breath with every page What really sets this one apart, though, is the end Read now. Slots adult girlss in krakow, awful book No wonder it was free I made it through the first few chapters despite the sophomoric writing style When the book began the descent into moral abandon, it was just too much to take DONE Maybe if the plot had been developed before the muck to understand why it was necessary to go thereperhaps this story could have been saved This book just wasn t for me.

Couldn t put it down A story about Jewish lives tossed about by World War 2 in Poland that is so compelling and well told The horrors that these characters experi. I chose this book because it was free, and because it took place during WWII, which is a topic I find very interesting, and because it mentioned Krakow, which is a city I love, and have been to several times It certainly wasn t terrible I ve read worse I did finish it rather quickly, and I never considered slots adult girlss in krakow it down, but it also wasn slots adult girlss in krakow all that good The main problem I had with it was it seemed that the author s main agenda was to advocate for his theory of how evolution explained the world and his philosophical beliefs, and not to tell a story It was a bit heavy handed, and seemed to instruct the reader not to care too much what happened to any individual person in the story because it really did not matter that much in the end Late in the book, the main character reflects upon how much easier her war was than so many others, and that was most definitely true.

Outstanding If you watch The History Channel, you ve probably had your fill of WWII documentaries and may think you ve glanced on just about every aspect of the war Well, this book went into areas I never even thought of How overnight Poles suddenly became Ukranians What life was like in Moscow if you were a foreigner How veterans from both sides of the Spanish revolution fared during the war. It s a story of survival, and sacrifice, as in the parts of ourselves we need to sacrifice to maintain our sense of self in the face of unimaginable hardship and privation In this story, we meet two Jewish Poles and follow them through their very different wartime experiences Many reviewers have disliked Rita, and while I understand why, I also understand why she was the way she was Up until very recently, there was no realistic way for an intelligent self aware slots adult girlss in krakow to live life on her terms After being her parents daughter for 18 years, Rita grasped at straws to become.

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