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Stupid car! As it sputtered into the driveway I knew deep down it would probably never go again. Dad had told me a hundred times not to buy it but it had just looked so sweet in the showroom. Now I would gladly have put hot girl stripping off thong sledgehammer through the useless piece of junk. Plus of course it meant I couldn't even have a proper drink on my 18th.

Not that that mattered too much, daddy said he would let me loose on his spirits cabinet tonight, but even so it would have been nice to have had a glass of wine or so with the meal.

I caught myself cheers bitches st. patrick s day bilder the hallway mirror. I was a hottie wasn't I? The skirt was perhaps a bit short, I'd noticed quite a few men straining their necks to get a look up it in the restaurant. But look at that body! Abby, you're a - just a minute -? I went back out into the driveway. Who the hell's was that? A brand new BMW convertible parked in the garage and I hadn't even noticed it.

Can't be dad's, he thinks they're show off cars I went back into the house www ficken mom dughter bukkake com into the lounge. Dad whose is the - Oh! Happy Birthday dear Abby. But the fact it was being sung www ficken mom dughter bukkake com my 3 favourite men in the whole world brought a flush to my cheeks.

Uncle Steve and Uncle Ken were there with Daddy. I may have overdone the kissing actually, giving Uncle Steve a nice lick across his mouth. To be honest I'd had a bit of a thing for my uncles for a few www ficken mom dughter bukkake com now, many's www ficken mom dughter bukkake com time they'd entered unbidden into my fantasies only to take me to deliciously new heights.

The number of times I'd imagined them using me as a plaything, licking and sucking, sometimes fucking me both at the same time. That was the beauty of fantasy, it could go anywhere with impunity. I slumped down on the comfy sofa between them while dad sat in an armchair opposite.

He was giving me an odd look, an expression I'd never seen before and one I couldn't figure out. It seemed to be a mixture of paternal concern and I glanced down and saw the source of the lust at least.

From there he had a very clear view up my skirt to my little white knickers. Strangely I responded in a totally unexpected way. There was an unusual atmosphere in the room, and a But whatever it was it seemed www ficken mom dughter bukkake com be making me more relaxed than usual. Keeping dad in my peripheral vision I turned to Kenny on my right.

In doing so I let my legs fall open just a fraction. I could feel daddy's eyes burning into my panties as I spoke to Kenny.

I found myself incredibly turned on by my little show of exhibitionism to Daddy. I wondered if he could see how damp I was between my legs Uncle Ken was very well off. He ran a hugely successful business but strangely he had never married. I asked him about this once and he winked and said something about needing to keep his strength up. I was excited to glance down and see that my knickers were now clearly visible to all three of them.

Jesus, what a slut! When I spoke, my voice had become almost unintelligible, so erotic were my thoughts at that moment. It's beautiful, can I borrow it? He www ficken mom dughter bukkake com always been a little more reserved, more conservative in his choices. Even his wife was a mousy shy woman who obviously despised me for some reason I could feel juice oozing into my panties as I sensed their furtive glances taking in the delights.

What WAS that smell? This was so cool. You've bought me a car? Oh Daddy! The fact that I had to bend over to reach his face may have seemed like a deliberate ploy, but at that moment I only had one thing on my mind.

We all contributed. It's a joint present for your 18th". I stood in www ficken mom dughter bukkake com middle of the room and looked at each of them in turn. What a fantastic birthday present! Hang on a minute. My uncles were giggling like little boys.

The tumbler was about half full of milk. I love milk. What on earth was this little game all about? It did look a bit strange, the consistency was more like In fact I quite liked it in the heat of passion, and I realised most men didn't respond kindly to the spit technique.

But that was when it was warm and THAT'S what the smell was The subtle scent of male sex. No wonder I hadn't been able to place it.

I realised I had been holding the glass to my nose for longer than perhaps would seem necessary. I tilted the contents and saw the key partially exposed at the bottom I looked at daddy quizzically.

I mean there was perhaps the tiniest, faintest chance, if say there was a nuclear explosion and my uncle happened to be in the room, that I might, just might, have let him actually fuck me in our last 4 minutes. But Daddy's cum? No, that was too much. My daddy. The man sat there?

The man I'd seen every day for 18 years had actually masturbated into a glass with his 2 brothers and now wanted me to drink it? Without any warning I came in my knickers.

I don't know if they noticed. Hopefully they thought I was wincing or retching or something. I became aware they were all laughing. It was a joke. Men just never grow up do they? A stupid childish joke. So they think they can get one over on me do they? My heart was pounding as I contemplated what I was about to do. I screwed up my nose and looked at the key nackt massage tun ficken bilder his hand.

I hardly knew what I was doing as I rose the glass to my lips. They were suddenly very quiet, the smirks wiped from their faces. I sat cross legged in the middle of the floor as they looked at me in disbelief. My recent orgasm was still tingling as I inhaled the aroma. I looked dad square in the eyes as I took the first tentative sip. It was warmer than I'd expected and coated my lips with a slimy film. I could see his erection clearly through his trousers as Www ficken mom dughter bukkake com tilted the glass a little further allowing a comic mutter sohn clip art of the precious liquid to fill my mouth.

Fuck, what was I doing? My clit was throbbing and I felt if I didn't attend to it soon I would explode. I saw Steve lick his lips as I swallowed that first mouthful. After that it was easy, I let the liquid slip into my throat until eventually I felt the cold key against my teeth. With a final flourish I opened my mouth so they could see their creamy cum, removed the key with my finger, and swallowed the last drop.

I have always thought the term open mouthed amazement sex for money in hong gai a hyperbolic innacuracy but there they were. Three men, mouths open having watched me drink their cum like a filthy slut.

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