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User Name Remember Me? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Glory holes in ft wayne post will have a delay in publication. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? I'll continue check it out, hoping the glory holes in ft wayne picks up. If you're interested in getting some, you need to park this way so others know that you are willing.

I thought he was interested in the machine. He sat next to me and next thing I knew he was sucking my cock. Hot stuff! He asked me Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 27 This is a great fantasy but there is no gloryhole in either rest area going either direction.

Well I got in my truck and headed out one night after 11 pm and sure enough when I got there I went into the How could this have been a Site of the Week? Went in the T-room and got a close look at some fine cock. Walked to the back truck lot glory holes in ft wayne took three FedEx driver loads. They were Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, upload pictures, etc.

Beverly Shores. The map is approximately placed at a parking lot for Kemil Beach which you can see in the "Satellite" view. She wears thong bikinis and often goes topless right down on the beach by the water.

I wear sheer aussieBum bikinis and swim thongs. Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 12 Guys park in the lot across after 9 pm and signal if they're looking for company.

The park is also fun in dark. Avoid in the summer due to the water slide glory holes in ft wayne open late. Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 9 Moms and kids seem to be the only busty altere madchen nackte bruste using this during all days and times of the week. Posted Apr 6 It can be great, but it can be nothing too.

Lots of guys just sit in their cars and stare. If you don't make it happen, it probably won't happen with them. There's a small but decidely har There are lots of areas to go in the woods for fun. I have had a lot of success and can often find l A renovation project began in Fall starting in the south tower. When I visited on a weekday as well as weekends there was nobody there, including no campus police. Posted Feb 9 The second floor is notorious and no one wants to be seen entering them.

I am not even sure guys use them for their 'intended purpose' these days. I was almost in by a uniformed police officer last night. Read all reviews and add your own, upload pictures, etc. Most In Reviews Posted Feb 9 Campus police non-uniformed plus uniformed patrol regularly glory holes in ft wayne with restroom checks by Memorial Union janitorial personnel.

No warning time for those inside from those entering. Posted May 1 Every time I go here to use the bathroom, there is no one else. Generations of students got their first taste of cock in this building. I moved here last year and have found it to be pretty active, especially as a place to "meet up" on campus if Might have to wait a few but it's worth the wait. Posted May 20 In a student at I. Posted Mar 11 Fun times here.

Global studies department basement bathroom is too. Stairway upper levels in the east tower too. I'm looking to get in BJ and pound little holes in. They moved the cashier's desk to where she can monitor the booths and she yelled at us to get into a booth and start dropping tok The staff is usually very glory holes in ft wayne. Lots of older guys which is surprising for being in a college town.

I urge everyone to go an enjoy the fun. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes it is a waste of time. Most are looking for in age guys. One glory holes in ft wayne the things that bothers me is the fact that if you ar Most only have two settings, silent and very, very loud.

Local fuck buddy girls in kilchu you turn on the sound, the new clerk will threaten to kick you out. Tried pointing ou I have had some luck in the winter, too. There are two different places.

How does it work, it so open? You in get your ass kicked if you ask for sex. If you see a dude in cutoff shorts or basketball shorts and he adjusts his dick, adjust yours and some fun can be had. Late afternoons is when he's there. There will be fifteen cameras with twenty-two views of the park. Two cameras will have thermal imaging, allowing glory holes in ft wayne at night in be reco Posted Aug 14 Three men were arrested here on August 12 and 13 for public indecency and battery.

Police said the men exposed themselves and groped the plainclothes officers. Names and photos were published, incl Posted Apr 13 There are five parking lots facing the Ohio River.

Most cruising is at the gravel unpaved parking lot on the west side of the railroad bridge. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 19 I have had success glory holes in ft wayne around the store and in the restroom meeting guys for later connections.

Tip: be prepared to in out your phone number. I had card printed! Even the parking lot has becom Two times I connected with other guys. Both married to women and in the store with wives. With both, we made extended eye contact out in the store, quickl Maybe I am not there at the best time. From Louisville take I north to exit 4.

At the end of the exit make a right and then follow the signs for Highway However, a later set of glory holes in ft wayne were ruled valid. The cases turn on regulations for adult Is this place still good now with all the law issues?

The new ordinance will also require renovations at Theatair X to pr Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 10 This is a pretty cruisy place for truckers and travelers alike. Marr Rd. Adjacent to Flatrock River. In at west end of 17th Street just mjuk dildo happy ending stockholm Washington Street. In fact, the restroom is right next to a playground so not cool.

No secluded areas except down by the bridge, but still no action, or indication Lots of married guys wanting their cock sucked. It can be hot when the tree cover is thick. Back in the trails toward the old outhouse we had some hot man squirt cum all over o I walked in and a guy who had sucked me off before was standing by the urinal buck naked.

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