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Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Basic Donor - Access to all sketches and stand-alone finished picture content, as well as written blog entries.

Dedicated Supporter - Access to all finished work as well as adult comic stories. Adult comic content will be collected, updated, and shared once per month, usually around the 5th. Steering Committee - Access to everything, adult comic pages, as well as the ability to vote on which projects get completed next when I make entries asking for feedback. Access to 30 minute workflow jab comix vor farm lektion comic and commentary as I do them.

I also give considerably more weight to your suggestions and requests. Erotic comics and stories can be more than two people getting together. They can be about character, context, and personality-driven situations that make everything even more erotic in the end. That's what I strive to do, whether it's happy and charming, to dark and unsettling; I have a pretty broad range.

Patreon will be where I post just about everything for those who are willing to support my continued work, as well as be jab comix vor farm lektion comic to listen to and value the opinions of those who contribute.

To start with, I intend to release every adult comic page I complete on Patreon, as I complete them. This usually comes out to about 2 full color pages per week, or 8 per month, sometimes more this number may go up as my need to do commissions decreases. I also will be doing warm-up sketches, many of which are serialized in their own mini-stories, and posting them here, exclusively. As Patreon becomes more fette schwarze ebenholz bbw creampie, it may free up my time to do more exclusives for contributors, like side comics for fun and illustrations.

I intend to listen to my jab comix vor farm lektion comic. When I jab comix vor farm lektion comic projects, I always have a list of new stories I can work on, next. I will let contributors weigh in on what they'd like to see next.

I'll also listen to those who may wish to sway where my future warm up sketches go, and which characters get more "development". I have three "universes" I work in: Original Life - Is jab comix vor farm lektion comic world just like our own, with the humans simply replaced by anthropomorphic animals. Cottonwine - A fantasy world of furries, humans, elves, and other derivatives, with embellished sexual hedonism that continually threatens higher civilizations.

There's no magic, no gods, but there's enough superstition for people to believe in them. Lumpkinville - A straight-up cartoon universe set in the generic rural South, complete with humans, furries, witches, magic, spells, and anything and everything I feel like at the moment.

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