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Embedded from media. You and Joseline have a pretty interesting relationship, to say the least. Why did hip hop stevie j nude think it was okay to tell her about your argument with Scrapp?

So I told her about that. She offered me to come to film with her. She said she was having a pool party. Did you still want to go to her pool party even after telling her that? Oh yeah, she had hip hop stevie j nude me. So that was our last night at the Hip hop stevie j nude so we go back to the Westin, right?

We get dressed dadadada. Where you at? So then she did it. What happened after you all left the pool? We go in the bathroom just me and her, she was like, See? All you gotta do is do a quick little scene real quick. That was good! So we go back to SLS. I got you. I already know how that go. Uh uh. And first of all, when hip hop stevie j nude pre-book your room — I booked my room, it was already paid for.

All I had to do was show my ID. It was in the morning now when we get back. The next morning I get a call to the hip hop stevie j nude phone. Just come over here cause I need to return back to the Westin. So then you left?

Well, the first call was before we had breakfast, before she even left. Send that to me. So we laughing. Then, we eat breakfast, she get up out of there, she go, you know, she gotta leave. And then I get another call like an hour later like what the f—k. Who cougar, beugte sich uber pussy f—k keep calling the g-d d—n room.

It was Stevie? Yea, That was f—-n f—-d up on [his] part. But anyway, of course I got dressed before I opened up the door. You know I got two beds in my room. Like standing over me. I just start laughing at him.

You tryna talk big but you a real creep. Whether you thought I was listening or not I heard what you was saying. Set it up. He saw you were tipsy and still tried to offer you another drink? Yeah n—a get the f—k out of here. So anyway, yeah, so then, okay now, here got the call from Joseline.

Meet me hip hop stevie j nude the same spot. Was that the last time you saw them that night? Well, I get the call from Joseline later on that day and come downstairs with her to smoke in the same spot so we in the cut. How it is? How he got my room number? You gave it to him right? And I could just see her whole mood like changed.

Did Joseline seem shocked at all? Them mother f—-rs plot together. So, yeah you know her whole mood changed. You ready hip hop stevie j nude a cocktail, now all of the sudden you gotta rush to a f—-n scene. You never mentioned filming when you came was ist mein eros zeichen here. So I was just like aight, so I went to my room, went to sleep or whatever, and the next morning I wake up, boom, boom, boom.

So boom, they got my room number. So I go to the door, I see the police. Ah f—k. I go back and sit down, and try to clear everything that I got. Why did the police show up to your hotel room? So what the f—k do they want? Oh, before that, let me tell you this. The f—-n fire alarm. I never in my f—king life heard a fire alarm go off at the SLS hotel. Hip hop stevie j nude went off so everybody peeking they heads out the f—king door.

When that fire alarm hit it was weird. I still laid my a— back down after I checked where SAS was at, and then boom that was the police that knocked, that second knock, then that was the police. It only could come from them. So I called [my friend] cause these mother f—kers got me f—ked up. The police come, 10 deep with guns. These mother f—rs on this TV show. They just playing games. So then they running my name.

Everything came back clean or whatever. They seen the Minnesota thing and they just hip hop stevie j nude laughing. I never called them, I never nothing. You understand? You the only person who had my room number. All Rights Reserved. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. VH1 News. Sarah Michel. VH1 News about.

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