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We were hopelessly in love and got married after graduating from high school. She was a virgin cheer leader on our wedding night and I was captain of the football team. So far, she has been pretty conservative until a promiscuous woman recently moved into the neighborhood.

Since then my wife has become somewhat more adventurist sexually. With the exception of a few hand jobs and a one lucky guy jamaican big black cock frau her beautiful vagina, I am happy that I am the only man that has fucked her.

I like this but often wonder if she fanaticizes about larger dicks and me being the only guy that screwed her.

To make sure that she does not want someone bigger than I am, I will not permit her to buy any dildos larger than I am. Since we do not have any kids, her pussy is as tight as the day I took her virginity, which can be a negative. With how tight it is, I cum in less than two minutes and she has to use a vibrator or dildo to get off. Reportedly it has spectacular sunsets as well as awesome jamaican big black cock frau divers, so we decided to go.

Upon entering the establishment, we got a drink and a good table to view the cliff divers and sunset. Diver after diver jumped from the cliff trying to outdo the other. It was very impressive. There was an old tree that towered 30' above the cliffs that looked like it was about to fall down. I also saw young well-built black dudes going around with hats collecting money. Marcus will honor you with a dive from the top of the old tree.

He was black as the ace of spades with large white eyes and pearly white teeth. In terms of physique he could give Arnold in his prime a run for his money. He must have had a 30' waist with 54" shoulders with not one ounce of fat. He had wash board abs, huge pecs, and large biceps. His entire body was hairless and his body glistened in the sun from baby oil. I was later told that between dives he walked through the crowd and the girls loved to oil him up while caressing his ass or crouch and flashing him.

Like Arnold in his youth he was propositioned for sex a minimum of 30 times per day. What a life! He reminded me of the horse War Emblem that was in the Kentucky Derby. The bottom line he was a stud, an anomy that could win Mr. Universe "As Is". My wife pointed jamaican big black cock frau that the crotch of the speedo he was wearing bulged more than double any ballerina that we had seen. My wife gleefully told me that she could make out the length of his cock and it appeared to be 8 inches soft.

To save face, I agreed he that he was built good but probably had a dildo in his trunks. Arriving at the top of jamaican big black cock frau tree, he started doing jamaican big black cock frau ups.

Then to everyone's surprise and the men in the audience chagrin, he went from 2 hand pullups to one hand pullups. How can a man weighing lbs. If I had not seen it for myself I would not believe it. The ladies went wild including my wife. Some single girls even flashed their tits to him as he beamed a confident if not arrogant smile. Marcus will dive". Marcus will do a four and a half dive from the tree. This went on non-stop until the sun was about to go down.

I exclaimed to one of the barkers that, "Mr. Marcus does very well. He earns 10 times that at night from his sex show. It turns out Mr. The barker said that, "The audience included single girls, single guys, couples and married people. They will even settle for small dicked white guys. After the women have seen Mr. Marcus pleasure a woman, they go wild having sex with their husbands fanaticizing that they are being fucked by Mr.

Most can't wait to get back to the hotel and are fucked silly in the theatre. Some of the wives go to see if they can cajole their jamaican big black cock frau to allow them to have sex with Mr. The huge cock you jamaican big black cock frau in the speedos grows and grows.

Also, some of the husbands actually get off seeing or fanaticizing about jamaican big black cock frau wives fucking Mr. I didn't say anything as my mind tries to comprehend the ramifications. Now get us tickets for tonight's show! My wife showered first and then I showered. As she was blow drying her hair she yelled in the bathroom, "You better not be masturbating thinking about me getting fucked by Mr. On the other hand, maybe you should so you don't cum in 2 minutes and leave me without and orgasm.

You know I did not bring my vibrator or dildo". Then she starts to laugh hysterically. Marcus jamaican big black cock frau. You don't think Jamaican big black cock frau am pretty or sexy enough for him? I am dressed and she is still primping herself for Mr. She puts on bright red lipstick to match her red nails, and toe nails. Then puts on a half cup bright red lacy bra that pushes up her tits, not that she needed it. Then she wears a garter belt and thong that matches the bra.

I am surprised as I never saw this outfit before and she has never worn anything so sexy. Her underwear looks like something you would wear on your wedding night.

Next comes a low cut black dress that barely covers reife frauen und sohn porno pussy. She finishes it off with a pair of high heels which accentuate her long legs, especially her calves. Marcus, so we missed the first act. I think she was jealous and did not want to see me ogling the young nubile college girls having sex with Mr. Marcus' buff and well hung barkers on stage. During intermission, a husband and wife told us about how awesome it was.

Marcus and were well hung served three voluptuous college girls that volunteered to have sex on stage. It jamaican big black cock frau quite a sight but nowhere near what the master of ceremonies MC promised the crowd that Mr.

Marcus would do in the second act. Just then the MC arrives on stage and the crowd goes silent. Marcus will honor one of the married ladies in the audience by giving her the pleasure of being impaled with his magnificent cock. Only married ladies may volunteer. Marcus says they appreciate it more being fucked by his humongous BBC that is attached to his superb body than single girls. The reasons are: Married women don't get much sex from their husbands; When they do, it is usually a quickie with no foreplay; They get no strange dick; and Due to the lack of sex, they are very tight, lubricate their pussies better, and can have more multiple orgasms than single girls.

Additionally, Mr. Marcus jamaican big black cock frau the look on the husband's face as he penetrates the wife and shoots a massive load in her knowing that she will never be happy with her husband's small dick in the future. She will be addicted to BBC.

Who wants to have their pussy stretched by Mr. Marcus magnificent cock? Several husbands try to get their wives to take their hands down. Several husbands try to get their wife to put her hand up.

You can see other couples discussing the situation with the wives jamaican big black cock frau to get their husbands to agree to them being impaled by BBC. My wife looks me in the eyes waiting to see my reaction. Her face is flushed and I can tell she is excited. Her nipples are protruding through her dress. I can only imagine that her pussy is saturating her thong.

She says, "Please! This is a once in a life time opportunity to fulfill my fantasy of being ravaged by a muscular black man with a horse cock.

Honey he is built better and has a bigger cock than the any stud I have seen in a XXX movie. He is even better than any I have fanaticized about while you plowed my pussy with my favorite black dildo. She then promises me that if I let her do it she will agree to any fantasy that I have. My cock hardens at the thought but I still say nothing. Without my approval and to my chagrin, her hand shoots up in the air waving like a school girl at a rock concert.

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