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Once again, Cade is looking up at the opening summary, but this time, with amusement instead of irritation. When did the fandom decide that all the established creepypasta characters lived in a mansion owned by Slenderman?

One of them, a certain pale teen with messy tousled longish black hair, was just lying on the couch, reading a random book — or was mannliche reader x jeff the killer random?

BEN lent it to mannliche reader x jeff the killer. Jeff removed a hand from his eyes and widened his arms a little questionably. The truth was, like it or not, she had a bit of a crush on the killer. Mutilation kink, maybe, but not a deformity fetish. Jeff leaned away from her, torn between the complicity of the sentence and its very meaning. His eyes narrowed to the point when they were merely a white cut in the black void. Surely you are capable of using your brain at least a bit more convincible than BEN, eh?

Judging by the quotation marks, probably not…. Are you accusing me of mere insincerity and outright deceit? With the lack of usual noisiness from upstairs, where BEN was pulling pranks on Jack 1 and Jack 2, this silence was almost deafening. Usually, when being cast insults at, Jeff would go all snarky and pricky, assaulting any living soul that he held responsible for the offense.

And, in minor cases, be the person who cast an offense, absolutely not doing it for her own benefit. This was difficult. Very challenging, in fact. A wrong step left or right could easily end up with her own decapitation. Although she held high suspicions that would ever happen to her, considering that she and Jeff always had a good friendly relationship, a bit of caution would cost nothing.

Whenever we are finished with any killing business, you always steal those shiny jewel; brooches, rings, bracelets and stuff. Blimey, your eyelids seem to be gone by how widely you stare at that perfection. God, glory, goldanyone? You just wanna be right every time! And you know what?

That has to be some feminine mind fucker. Silence trapped them in its embrace once again after Jeff leaned backwards, quizzically casting a sidelong glance at the female.

Even as they were speaking, she felt that she could pull the line there before she could cause any more damage. Perhaps it was the pride that kept her talking mannliche reader x jeff the killer, but the fact that stated she wanted to hear his voice pinched her soul firmly, despite her utter desire to drive it away by now.

Either way, there was no going back anymore. I was merely suggestive about the tolerance of my gender, if the scientific notion has been analyzed to my satisfaction. Having won the day this time, the homicidal teen folded his arms victoriously. You tell me. Hopefully, our next target will not be acquired off of deviantART! Short URL. So, What Colour is Your Toothbrush? Jeff the Killer x Reader - Not Gay!! Sorry for all the xreaders, but deeeeear lord.

Aziz: Maybe. Slenderman needs no mansion. Cade: Hooooow old is that meme…? I will mannliche reader x jeff the killer make an ADHD joke. I think. Next question. Potterverse magic wins again. Airey, The Amazing Mormon Sporker is back! This is a retake of an old "project" of mine: mocking bad fanfiction. There have been complaints in the past of having 'too much commentary', so while the characters remain, the amount commentating at one time is now cut down to and will be picked via a specially-made Java program that I coded myself.

Please be proud of me. Mannliche reader x jeff the killer free to request specific characters, however this includes guest sporkers. I won't take stuff down, but I will source mannliche reader x jeff the killer. Just gimme the post number and I'll go back and get the OP.

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