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Donna is absolutely beautiful, with full natural 36DD breasts with long huge eraser tip nipples. At 21, Donna was the typical fun loving party girl. She always dressed in tight fitting clothes, which showed off her nice figure. She enjoyed the attention she got from other men, in an innocent way.

It was not unusual for men to compliment her or flirt with her at the store or when she was "out with the girls". She often told me about this want to fuck tonight in fort portal or that guy who tried to pick her up or whatever. I have to admit that I constantly aroused when hearing about it. During sex, I would often fantasize about her with a stranger. We had already experimented with male friends, but a stranger would be different. Donna gets extremely wet when we have sex.

She will have a want to fuck tonight in fort portal flow of her cum and multiple orgasms. Her pussy will open like a flower to want to fuck tonight in fort portal morning sunlight. It is then I imagined how she would look with want to fuck tonight in fort portal extremely large cock in her.

Finally, I began to drop little hints about my fantasy of her with another man. She would often joke around about it with her girlfriends. Want to fuck tonight in fort portal was always dismissed as lighthearted girl-talk and never taken seriously. That all changed on one particular night. We were at a party at a friend's house before the group went TDY.

I didn't care all that much for dancing and preferred to find a quiet spot to have a conversation with someone. Donna on the other hand, loves to dance. It's from the years of gymnastics and dance, and it keeps her shapely legs in form and controls her weight.

I didn't care and encouraged her to always have fun. But during this party, she got the attention of this one guy who I must admit, was quite handsome. He was tall with an athletic body and not in the service. He was a friend of one of the girls and a local college student about Donna's age.

I watched from the sidelines as Donna danced with him several times. The guy always seemed to ask her to dance the slow dances. Donna was wearing her predictable short-short, tight skirt.

She looked awesome as she danced with a sexy look in her eyes and ready smile. I always told her she had the perfect body for being an exotic dancer, but she always scoffed and said I was just prejudiced.

I remember my cock got hard when the guy put his hands on her waist and pulled her into him, their hips grinding together, although briefly. On the way home, I was still aroused about her little scene of dirty dancing.

We got home and undressed for bed. We both had consumed a few adult beverages and we were feeling very loose, but certainly not drunk. I started a little foreplay, kissing her nipples and rubbing against her body. I told her it seemed she enjoyed her new dance partner. She directed my hand between her legs and I slipped a finger inside her. She was extremely wet! It seems you did too. I slipped two fingers inside her and found her pussy was wet and open now.

Donna was sucking my cock with enthusiasm. I knew she had become aroused by dancing with the college guy and the fact that it had turned me on too. I seized the moment and once again brought want to fuck tonight in fort portal the subject of her fucking a strange man.

In so many words, I told her how excited and aroused I was at imagining her being with another guy and how it always turned me on to see her flirt and dance with that guy.

I told her it was really okay if she wanted to let it go farther with him or anyone else for that matter. Finally, I told her how much I would love to hear about her with another man with a large cock, larger than mine, filling her up and imagining him cumming in her, and how good it might feel to her.

Her pussy got wetter and wetter as I talked. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wider. We both had incredibly intense climaxes, almost at the exact same moment. Later, Donna said, "I was imagining that large cock pumping me when I came! Benning to check up on her. After our preliminary hellos and details about the past week, she said, "You love me, right babe?

So with that said, I have some news. I made a date for Friday night with another guy. My heart was racing and I was at a loss for words. She continued, "I got to thinking about what you told me before you left.

It kind of excited me too, hot tv star frauen nackt I kept thinking about how you said it would be really okay with you. Besides, I know you would fuck the hell out of me when you get home if I do it. That's part of the fun. I can tell you it's not the guy I danced with at the party that made you so horny.

And if you want, you can call it off. I'm doing this for you, even though I do like the idea of a total stranger. I was scared, but at the same time aroused at the thought. I worried about want to fuck tonight in fort portal all night and then waited for her call on Saturday. She slowly related the details of Friday's event.

She had showered and shaved everything and then sexily dressed. She had put on white lace crotch-less panties with matching crotch-less pantyhose, a short —short skirt, and a cotton blouse sans bra.

She said her erect nipples were clearly visible want to fuck tonight in fort portal the fabric. She had curled her long blonde hair and put on a neat pearl necklace and matching earrings.

I felt a pang of jealousy and at the same time arousal. She slipped on her black leather ankle-strapped five inch heels with matching want to fuck tonight in fort portal. She whispered in the phone, "Imagine my dear, your petite little slut wife having a cock considerably larger than yours in her mouth and pussy.

Donna said she was out for almost seven hours. She said one of the first items to go was her nylons. She didn't need to remove her crotch-less panties because phat schwarz juicy anal booty the easy access. The touch of the man's fingers on her bare legs and pussy made her hot.

I even have some Polaroid photos of my adventure for your enjoyment! I thought you would like that," she said. Donna explained that she arranged want to fuck tonight in fort portal meet this guy who was an acquaintance of the woman who did her nails in town. She told her manicurist, Linda, about my fantasy, as women do. Linda had arranged for Donna to meet this guy who was known as a well-hung stud.

His name was Shaun. Donna related that they got a hotel room in town and stooped at the door to embrace and kiss before going inside.

Her partner was caressing her breasts and nipples under her blouse. They went into the room and Donna got on her knees. She unzipped his pants and took out his flaccid cock which must have hung down 6 or 7 inches. She moved her head under him and opened her mouth while want to fuck tonight in fort portal him with her free hand. He became erect and Shaun interrupted her to have her measure his length.

He gave Donna a cloth measuring tape and told her to check him out. She wrapped the tape around his shaft and the girth was almost 7 inches. Donna said it wasn't that he was only about an inch or so longer than me, but his size was as round as a want to fuck tonight in fort portal can.

Needless to say, they did everything you could imagine to each other. Donna sucked on part of his cock and salivated on him. Shaun ate and fingered want to fuck tonight in fort portal pussy, and finally of she spread her spreading legs and slowly took him inside. Donna said it took most of ten minutes for him to inch his cock in and out of her wet pussy, and her pussy lips to tightly wrap around him.

After fifteen minutes of him pumping, she began to have her usual orgasms as he patiently moved his cock in and out of her. Finally he shot his load deep up inside her and she felt it warm the back of her cervix. Shaun then withdrew and jacked off more cum on her pussy and then moved up to her head, standing over her and putting his cock in her mouth, and Donna eagerly accepted.

Up until then, it never occurred to me that a third party had to take the Polaroid photos Donna had mentioned.

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