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Matt Birnholz. And most of the speakers are well-recognized, not only in the US but internationally as well. My specific role is I oversee the meeting.

And I started the meeting 21 years ago. I think the areas that people are most interested in today include newer forms of systemic therapy, like immune therapy, and we lynne sage breast cancer symposium speakers that are going to be talking about that. We have newer antihormone therapy strategies where we combine antihormone therapy with newer targeted therapies, and we have several talks about that.

We have new strategies for employing radiation therapy and looking at different schedules of administering radiation therapy and hopefully as a result equaling the benefit but decreasing both side effects and improving tolerability of the treatment.

And we will have the surgeons talking about a number of different trials. They still have a significant interest in trying to optimize management of the armpit, and that sounds sort of crude when you spit it out like that, but the idea is that we have evolved away from doing big, big surgeries, whether it was mastectomies going to lumpectomies.

And one of the consequences of that is that you have a much better tolerability for the patient because they have a lower risk of lymphedema. Birnholz: That was Dr. To revisit any part lynne sage breast cancer symposium this discussion and to access other episodes in this series, visit ReachMD. Matt Birnholz, and thank you for listening to ReachMD.

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