When money is tight, an astronomer's eye may well wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben on a local disused satellite TV station as a possible option to be co-opted as part of a radio telescope array. However, there are rather a limited number of such installations around. They point out a collaborative effort to improve astronomy would have the benefit of broadening access to wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben satellite TV for the public and would be a boon to astronomers and TV watchers in the developing world alike.

Given that many users are already moving away from satellite TV to streaming-based entertainment there could well be spare capacity in those still-active satellite TV earth stations. The new approach is discussed by A. Periola, A. Wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol. DOI: One might imagine that the virtualisation of many areas of life, especially in the present pandemic climate would have led to a boost to in efficiency of knowledge sharing and thus an improvement in many areas of human endeavour.

This may ultimately prove to be true. In a study published in the International Journal of Knowledge Management Studiesresearchers have found that the benefits of how knowledge sharing might benefit physicians in terms of improving their diagnoses and reducing medical errors are not yet widely understood by physicians. Anjum Razzaque of Ahlia University in Manama, Bahrain and Tillal Eldabi of the University of Surrey, UK, explain how a physician's social capital may remedy this situation by promoting the benefits to the individual, to other physicians, and to their patients.

The team asserts that this is the first study of its wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben, holistically assessing the role of social capital theory, knowledge sharing, and decision making of physicians who are members of a virtual community.

Ultimately, physicians need to trust the virtual community and the concept of knowledge sharing. For such a virtualised environment to work they perhaps also need to understand each other's social capital and to have confidence in that too. Razzaque, A. Knowledge Management Studies, Vol. Windpower has come to the fore as a major source of renewable energy, with "turbine farms" springing up across the land and across the oceans.

Of course, any new technology has its problems and its detractors, but technological problems might be addressed in a way that other concerns might not. Writing in the International Journal of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systemsengineers from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, discuss one of those technological challenges — vibration control.

Breiffni Fitzgerald and Biswajit Basu explain that demand for windpower and so turbines is soaring. But, any new installation must also have efficiency and longevity so that the payback in terms of manufacturing, installation materials and energy is short. The problem of vibration can lead to reduced efficiency and premature failure, both of which can counteract the benefits of installing any wind turbine in the first place and extend payback time and increase waste and losses.

The team has reviewed theoretical and experimental work in this area and focused on passive, semi-active, and active control schemes. They also discuss the development of bespoke auxiliary damping systems and the state-of-the-art in turbine control algorithms that can utilise the extant hardware that controls turbine pitch, generator torque, and yaw control. Passive physical dampening can reduce vibration by up to 50 percent in some of the latest systems, the team writes.

By contrast, newer active tendons and other hardware have been shown in some instances to reduce vibration by up to 65 percent. They point out that those parts of the industry surveyed in their literature review have not been quick to adopt more active and algorithmically controlled vibration control. If adopted soon, such technology might boost those vibration control percentages still further leading to more efficient turbines that have a longer lifespan in the future. Fitzgerald, B. Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems, Vol.

Business schools at public universities signalled competence with their websites while private universities demonstrated excitement and sincerity, according to a new content analysis by researchers in the USA discussed in the Journal of Global Business Advancement.

Blake Frank, Sri Beldona, and Scott Wysong of the University of Dallas, in Irving, Texas, USA, have investigated how a business school website informs putative students about what might be referred to as the school's brand personality. They used an analytical approach that extracted words from website content from business school websites and showed how a dictionary-based approach to identifying brand personality is a successful approach. As well as the difference between private and public business schools, the team also found that those establishments with higher enrolment numbers also portrayed themselves as more competent, while those with a smaller rollcall described themselves as being more sincere.

With lower barriers to entry, there has been a burgeoning of online programs around the world," they explain, they quote fellow researchers in wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben that "Increasing competition between universities heightens the need for institutions to understand, manage, and leverage a strong brand position.

They suggest that for a business school to simply list the requirements of its courses, application deadlines, and other functional information is no longer sufficient. They conclude that business schools need to look closely at the words they use on their websites and must ensure that the content meshes with the brand personality they hope to communicate that they might encourage the prospective students wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben hope to enrol from around the world.

Frank, B. Global Business Advancement, Vol. Many resources essential to the technology on which we depend are dwindling or are increasingly inaccessible to certain nations for geopolitical reasons. A case in point is that several of the rare metallic elements that are needed to construct the components of modern electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic systems, and other technology are by definition low in abundance.

Moreover, such elements are often critical in the design of such devices wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben there are no synthetic alternatives as there might be if one were to substitute for other wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben materials such as wood, where organic urin verpassen besten xxx sexy full might do the job just as well, if not better.

With this in mind, research published in the International Journal of Technology Management discusses the issue of whether we might undertake mining operations on an asteroid that comes into the Earth's purview. They look at the current state-of-the-art technology that would be needed to putatively mine an asteroid and point out that it is far too immature to be at all viable.

They discuss whether there is adequate regulation in this notional industry, and of course, wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben isn't, with some states suggesting it should be a unilateral decision and others looking for international rules and regulations. There are also many who might be involved and large amounts of money to be made and so the stakes will inevitably be high and given our track record when it comes to land grabs and goldrushes, space mining may well lead to serious conflict between the corporations and inevitably the nation states involved in such endeavours.

Technology Management, Vol. The blockchain concept underpins digital currencies, such as BitCoin. It acts as a distributed register that holds all transactions of the currency in an encrypted and immutable table. The technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies though, there are many other applications that might benefit from such as secure information system. Writing in the International Journal of Blockchains and Cryptocurrenciesa team from India explain how a blockchain might be used in pet adoption.

The team from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, in Mysuru, explain that a blockchain can store transaction details associated with a given pet, its previous owners and the people adopting the animal. In addition, other details can be retrieved by using a hash value including the financial duo massage stockholm fri svensk porr that will have facilitated the adoption process, as it were.

The team concludes that their approach is far wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben secure than centralised systems and precludes "spoofing" whereby a malicious third party might intervene in a transaction and either remove funds from an account illegally or perhaps even still the pet to be adopted.

Gururaj, H. Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, Vol. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder wherein abnormal firing of neurons in the brain leads to seizures. It can abruptly disrupt the health and life of those people it affects. Its diagnosis can limit certain aspects of everyday life particularly if not fully treated.

People with the condition, for instance, are often precluded from driving or operating hazardous machinery to reduce the risk of injury and harm should they have a seizure while doing so. Seizures are commonly associated with loss of consciousness and severe muscle spasms. A new, non-invasive, approach to epilepsy detection is reported in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology that uses wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben fuzzy entropy algorithm to examine electroencephalograms EEG.

This algorithm abstracts all of the features of the EEG trace, these features are then fed to an artificial neural network trained on known epilepsy EEG traces.

The system can very effectively differentiate between brain patterns in the patient during periods of seizure holly madison nude hd pics normal periods.

Gini, A. Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol. New research published in the International Journal of Technology Managementshows how people make the technology transition from one type of device to another following a period of using both classes of device in parallel. For example, many users have a personal computer as well as a tablet computer, but at some point a lot of those wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben will abandon the PC in favour of the more portable and agile tablet, foregoing some of the benefits of a PC that may well have become legacy features once they are fully embedded in the wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben realm.

The team has observed a behavioural phenomenon as analysed using social psychology where many users have made a complete transition at least for private, as opposed to business use, of a tablet over PC or laptop. Of course, there are hybrid devices, such as touchscreen laptops that can be separated into screen and base so that the screen becomes a standalone tablet without a physical keyboard for ease of portability in some circumstances.

These results establish the importance of the different antecedents in understanding technology transition at an individual level," the team writes. Thakurta, R. A study of customers of coffee shops in the Republic of Korea suggests that they would willingly revisit the same outlet if the staff have an attractive and well-dressed appearance.

Whereas they often feel less satisfied by their experience if the staff are not and a second visit to the same establishment is then unlikely, according to research published in the International Journal of Services, Economics and Management. In the hospitality industry, staff interactions with consumers are crucial to operations and influence consumer satisfaction revisit intention.

Whereas there have been numerous studies of attractiveness and customer service in other settings, coffee shops per se have not been a focus of many studies. The team's findings could help coffee shop owners or managers improve consumer satisfaction by influencing perceived attitudes toward the appearance of staff and their clothes or uniform.

The team emphasizes that the attractiveness to customers of service personnel in this environment may not be solely about facial attractiveness, but their personal grooming, overall demeanour, and attitude as well as how smartly dressed they are and how well-kempt their uniform.

The findings perhaps offer a new definition of attractiveness in terms of staff appearance and uniforms wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben cafes and restaurants and could help guide management to improve the customer experience by their guiding service staff.

Lee, B. Services, Economics and Management, Vol. An artificial neural network approach to image encryption offers many advantages over conventional encryption methods suggests a review published in the International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics.

Shaimaa Wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben Fahdel Al-Abaidy wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben the University of Baghdad in Iraq explains that exploiting what is colloquially known as the "butterfly effect" in chaos theory can be even more effective. Mobile computing and communications devices are almost ubiquitous now. We rely heavily on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart TVs, and other such devices. They almost all rely on being constantly connected with the internet either through a cellphone wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben or via Wi-Fi for their many different functions.

However, the transfer of data to and from such devices can often be vulnerable to third-party intrusion. There are some instances where this is not particularly problematic, but there cute girl arsch in hoschen other cases, such as sharing personal images where the sender and recipient, a student and educator, patient and doctor, employee and executive, may not wish other people to have access to those images.

This is where encryption becomes a critical part of the wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben. There wahrend meiner zeit, die ich gehen anal many different approaches to encryption some are very secure but have high overheads, particularly when the files being encrypted are themselves relatively large, wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben as is the case with high-resolution photographs, for instance.

Encryption needs to be smoother, faster, and preclude overpowering the encrypting and decrypting device as well as not adding to the data transfer costs in terms of the connecting network capacity. The new approach discussed by Al-Abaidy offers protection against the integrity wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben the encrypted and decrypted image file and protection against common attacks such as a cipher attack, plaintext attack, and brute force wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben. Al-Abaidy, Wunderschone blondine und brunette lesben. Services Operations and Informatics, Vol.

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