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So, after assailing Ms. What happened to the tolerance of the left? What happened to treating women with respect? Ah, yes, it disappeared into the black hole of her being a Christian and somewhat conservative, similar to how, all of a sudden, the Left cared naught for the plight of women in Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan when President Bush was freeing them.

Anyhow, via RS McCainwe get headlines from lefties such as. As Stacy writesIf Carrie Prejean had been seeking a more appropriate way to help celebrate National Offend A Feminist Weekshe could hardly have picked a better method than to remind God-haters that Christian belief begins with the confession of sin, recognizing the powerlessness of man to save himself by his own merit. PS: OK, there is at least one liberal who is interested in not going down the personal destruction road.

That kinda sounds like a backhanded compliment, but, hey, what can I say. Unsurprisingly, Pam Spaulding is nasty. Anyhow, just for the google-bombing, Carrie Prejean topless naked nude Carrie Prejean topless naked nude Carrie Prejean topless naked nude Carrie Prejean topless naked nude Carrie Prejean topless naked nude. PS : Since this post is getting a lot of traffic from the search engines, you miss california carrie prejean bikini go to my Gallery page to see several other of the Carrie photos.

If you liked my post, feel free to subscribe to my rss feeds. Girls of the night in bahir dar is the hypocrisy Teach just like with Larry Craig. Here she is saying that she is a good christian BUT…… seems she forgot to mention this one little thing. And of course one wonders what will happen next. Another miss california carrie prejean bikini of hypocrisy was that christian Rev Haggard.

Christians are not perfect. We have sinned and will continue to sin. We are Christians for that very reason. Second, this is not a Christian belief but here is a history lesson for you. Go back and look at all the great empires that have ever ruled, such as the Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, and the many others.

Once they allowed the legalized marriage of gays, and yes it was an issue back then, there great Empires would fall in defeat. Mostly because of disunity and internal strife.

John, most of us on the Right could care less about the photo. Big woop. Excellent point Teach. The only reason she is being savaged by the left is her opposition to one of their pet projects. Oh no. Nor claim to be sinless. Not even close. That would be an oxymoron. We hold to ourselves as sinners, too. The very basis for our need to become Christians, meaning believers in Christ, rest on the fact that we are all sinners.

And thus we have that need for Christ to be crucified and died for our sins in the first place at the cross and to miss california carrie prejean bikini risen again from the dead so that we may attain to life in Him, by faith. The Bible is filled with folks who have sinful past as well as who fell into sin, many which alot of people would say are a hundred times worse than anything she could ever be accused of.

Rahab was a prostitute yet she ended up being considered miss california carrie prejean bikini the faithful. Paul killed Christians before becoming one himself as well as the one many say is the most influential apostle in the Bible.

Need I say more? I have yet to hear her or read anything where she said she is sinless or is perfect. Nor has she condemn anyone or any group.

She simply miss california carrie prejean bikini the Bible teaches gay marriage is wrong. Nor has she demand folks come out and state what their sins are in the past. Me think that those attacking her are the ones with the holier than thou attitude, miss california carrie prejean bikini her here.

They are the ones telling her how to be Christian and what the Bible says, without a clue what the Bible actually says most of the time. One can preach what is right and wrong and have an absolute standard of what is right and wrong and still fall short.

The difference is whether or not one repents of it and strives to do better next time. We all sinned, miss california carrie prejean bikini all make mistakes, we all err. Being a good Christian is indeed admitting self is a sinner, too, who has been forgiven by God, so out of love for what God did, tell others about what God did. Being a good Christian is indeed speaking the truth in love.

The only person who was perfect and spoke the truth in love was Christ- who was God the Miss california carrie prejean bikini in the flesh. He called those who were imperfect to spread His word and His call to repentance from sin and to turn to Him. If it is true that the photos were back from her teenage years, how do we know her views on things are the same then as they are now?

Christians do not become perfect when we believe, nor will we ever be til the day we get a full taste of heaven. Until then we strive again sin, many times falling ourselves. We are not made right with God by what we do, but by what Christ did for us already. Does that make what she did right? But it does show the hypocrisy of the pageant folks coming after her on this? She is not the hypocrite here. She is just the rest of us Christians- those who know we are sinners in the first place and that by faith we have been forgiven and we strive to live that out, many times failing because of the lusts of our hearts, but we keep letting God pick us up and fighting the miss california carrie prejean bikini fight, while telling others about Christ and His love for all humanity.

And that love is when we are yet sinners, Christ died for us. Glad you enjoyed the movie, Duncan. Too much sitting around. As has been said, this is merely a way for the left to attempt to discredit someone who has a belief that is in opposition to their own which is the majority belief BTW.

John, since you are so fond of quoting polls as being the end all be all, where is the poll that shows that the majority of Americans disagree with gay marriage?

All posts here are my views. None represent my employer. If ye can prove me wrong, so be it. Ye can rant and rave at me, but be mostly polite miss california carrie prejean bikini any other commentors.

I will put up with quite a bit, but be mostly respectful to others. These materials may not be distributed further, except for "fair use" non-profit educational purposes, without permission of the copyright owner. Oh, and WordPress 5. Delivered to you in miss california carrie prejean bikini. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Pirate's Cove If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.

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