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If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Donny is the minor antagonist on The Cleveland Show. He is a master of puns and the would-be friend of Cleveland Brownshould he have been shunned from his regular friend circle.

Donny was among Cleveland's new die cleveland show: donna nackt of friends after he leaves Verbreiten gesicht nach unten ass up, Tim, and Holt when he is embarrassed by Lester striking him out.

In the jack'o lantern challenge, Donny annoys Gus and everyone by making another bad jokes with teleprompter. On Halloween, Cleveland, Roberta, Jr. Wally, annoyed by Donny's bad jokes, forbids to giving candy to die cleveland show: donna nackt and shuts the door. The kids complains to Cleveland that Donny ruined their fun. Finally, to prove he is brave to Kostenlos reife oma porno bilder TubbsCleveland tells Donny to get lost and die cleveland show: donna nackt a hike after he costed them their candy at Wally's House.

Tired of getting rejected by Cleveland, Donny has a psychotic break and tries to kill Cleveland by breaking into his house with an axe to exact revenge on him for being snubbed. Unfortunately for die cleveland show: donna nackt, when Donny gets to Cleveland's house, he learns that he isn't home.

So until he gets back, Donny instead decides to settle for killing his wife, Donna, and his son, Cleveland, Jr. Eventually, Donny changes his mind about killing them at least temporarily and somehow subdues them instead despite their die cleveland show: donna nackt attempts to double-team him. Donny presumably then ties them up in Cleveland, Jr.

When Cleveland and Rallo get back home, Donny attacks them with his axe and almost kills Cleveland when he makes another bad jokes that Cleveland ridicules at it, leading to Donny attacking him and ensuing struggle, but Rallo sprays fluid from Junior's WD costume onto the floor, allowing Cleveland to shove Donny out the window with die cleveland show: donna nackt force.

While Donny starts slipping on the WD fluid, his last words are "I hate black people! This revelation that something Cleveland had figured to be true about him.

Donny's body seen with a gash on the side of temple from the axe due to the impact. As they sing, [ [1] ] takes die cleveland show: donna nackt hauls away Donny's body in the trunk of his car to be die cleveland show: donna nackt into his "turkey sandwiches.

Donny was a heavy-set, middle-aged Caucasian man who stood at a height about equal to Cleveland's. He had blond hair and wore red, thick-framed glasses, a lime green leisure suit, a white undershirt, a blue tie, and bright, red pants. When first introduced, Donny seemed like a nice, congenial, well-meaning man. He was bright, fun-loving, and very social, enjoying the company of people and, of course, telling jokes and puns.

Initially, he was very polite and friendly toward Cleveland, but it was clear that his personality was not one that would mesh with him or any of his friends, as he, Terry, Lester, Tim, and Holt were very clearly and visibly annoyed by die cleveland show: donna nackt. After being rejected by Cleveland one too many times, however, Donny's personality immediately cracks.

He mentally snaps and becomes insane, conniving, and full of rage toward Cleveland, the man whose friend he had only desired to be. His newly-adopted murderous nature drives him to do whatever it takes to exact revenge on Cleveland, and all who are close to him, for humiliating him and blowing him off. He becomes truly evil and psychotic, registering a near-perpetual evil grin on his face that he holds consistently on his face before and during his attempt on the lives of the Brown-Tubbs family and even unleashing exactly six evil laughs and chuckles.

Interestingly, despite all of this, Donny maintains his sense of humor, continuing to crack jokes and one-liners even during his attempts to kill Donna and Cleveland, Jr. For example, when he chops off a small tuft of Donna's hair, he jokes, "You get a haircut? No, I got 'em all cut! This ability to crack these jokes is likely Donny's lingering sanity peeking through his psychosis. It is only when Cleveland does not understand the aforementioned pun that Donny loses the last of that sanity, goes into a full-on villainous breakdownand steps up his effort to murder Cleveland.

It can also be assumed that Donny was a stealth racist, judging by his final words before his death. But given that he said it just as he was defeated, it could possibly have just been a diss to Cleveland that he didn't mean.

But given that his sanity was fully gone by that point, he might very die cleveland show: donna nackt have meant it. Die cleveland show: donna nackt Characters Lester Krinklesac Dr. Fudge Fontaisha Wowzer P. Nerse Mrs. Nerse Serial Assgrabber. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Die cleveland show: donna nackt shoots down Donny one last time. Donny in the mollige muschis aus der nahe, Oh!

Get it? Heeeere's Donny! Donny attacks Donna and Junior. Donny vs. Cleveland and Rallo defeating Donny. Gus dragging Donny's corpse away in the latter's final appearance. Donny in " Die Semi-Hard ". Donny in " Wide World of Cleveland Show ".

Categories :. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. I'm sorry. Is Cleveland home? Donna: No. Oh, what the hell! I'll just kill you!

Time for my axe to make your body spray blood! Axe Body Spray? Cleveland: I don't know what that is. Something the kids are using!

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