Hey Dr. You are amazing and a true credit to our human race. I live in Alabama, the conservative evangalist H-hole of the world. I have been trying to get some information on my risk and if testing is warranted. Around here everything seems to be a death sentence, information is aimed at scaring younot real info.

I went to an asian massage Parlor in New Orleans and went to have a hand job as I massage malmo billig anal beads done in the past. Instead an incredibly beautiful sweet young woman came in and after my hot shower She was giving me oral sex.

I went to stop her but realized she was doing it over a condom she had put on me and was pushing it down and fellating me at the same time. I now think she was using her own saliva to lubricate me and then she began licking my shaft and testicles. Any danger there? Moments later she hopped up and I slid right inside her.

We did this with her on top for a couple of minutes and then switched to the good ole missionary position. I ejaculated in the condom. Pulled out and checked to see if the condom was intact. My questions are. Latex or lambs skin etc. Alittle too much inormation can be dangeraous can't it. I am in week 7. Thanks in advance and your address will be followed with a donation for your amazing work.

Thanks Again. Sorry about having to live in "the conservative evangelist H-hole of the world. You are not massage malmo billig anal beads only person in Alabama longing for and desperately needing accurate science-based HIV information. Talk to friends, family, colleagues and your local Massage malmo billig anal beads service organizations. Get involved! Regarding your specific questions, licking the shaft and testicles is not an HIV-transmission risk.

A condom that only cover of your big bopper is still effective, as long as the business end of your one-eyed monster stays enshrined in his latex suit. I would not consider your risk significant. After all, they are the pros, right? They need to protect themselves from horned-up, inebriated, often clueless clients.

They know to use latex or polyurethane condoms! We recommend changing condoms between sex acts, but as long as your condom didn't break, you are at no increased risk.

I have discussed "proper use of condoms" many times in this forum. Check the archives for detailed information. I'll reprint below a small sample of what you'll find in the archives on this topic. If you want to be HIV tested, I would suggest you wait until the three-month mark, as HIV antibody testing before three months is not considered to be accurate. Again, there is detailed information about this in the archives. Have a look! I received a protected oral sex in a massage parlor for a minute or two.

But the condom I used was in my car for 2 months. It has been exposed to heat over F. However it did not break while I received the oral sex. Does the exposure to heat any way cause the condom to fail by making the pores larger and the virus to pass through condomn. I appreciate your answer massage malmo billig anal beads. Your condom was in the car for two months?

Wow, that's quite a dry spell, dude. Do you happen to resemble Dick Cheney or something like that? Your worries are unwarranted. Heat can denature latex, making it more likely to break. Luckily your baked condom did not. So you're safe. Your problem is grau behaarte reife frauen dessous unique. See below. First allow me to say my previous sexual encounter was May 10 of this year. Or as you might say, "Whoo Hoo!

Someone new Ive been dating and I finally decided to take the sexual plunge a couple of weeks ago. We used condoms every time, being my standard practice and apparently hers too. One of the condoms I used, though, had been in my car for a couple of months prior, from maybe June on.

For the time of night my friend and I were together, replenishing stock wasn't possible, so we chanced it my faulty logic being using one made more sense than not. I inspected the condom, it seemed fine. I russisch junior nude img tag in fact pulled out before ejaculation each time too, just as an extra "safely measure.

So my question succinctly is this: massage malmo billig anal beads dumb was it using a condom that had not been kept not in a recommended room temperature environment? The condom was well within its recommended use-by date, FYI. Should I be concerned about another day screening, barring my girlfriend getting her test hopefully soon? Or should I take a deep breath and relax.

My health care advisor massage malmo billig anal beads me the latter, stating condoms, if made by a reputable company as this massage malmo billig anal beads was are surprisingly durable, so while not advised to keep one in weather extremes, Im probably OK.

Heat can denature latex increasing the likelihood the condom will fail break. Yours did not and consequently I see no cause for concern. I'm about to enter into the sexually active period of my life. I'm 25 and I can't wait to impress the ladies with my wit and massage malmo billig anal beads I'm writing because I'm concerned about carrying condoms in my pocket or looking for am orgasm friend in amsterdam. Should i carry them in my man-bag instead or would that be too ticky-tacky?

You refer to me as Dr. McHandsome; you're 25 but only now about ready to enter into the massage malmo billig anal beads active period of your life; you expect to impress ladies with your wit and fashion; you carry a man-bag and your name is Sergio-Gaylord?????

There are so many rainbow flags waving in that message that it's only one penis Popsicle away massage malmo billig anal beads a Gay Day parade.

Next, you may well be as straight as a lawn dart, but the tone of your post makes me wonder if you could bottom for Liberace. Either way, of course, it's fine with me. I just want you to be safe and sexually content and never-ever ticky-tacky.

You always state that condoms provide effective prevention when used correctly and consistently. My question to you is how are condoms not used correctly? I always practice safe sex and use a condom from absolute start to finish - would you consider this the correct way? Using condoms that have been damaged by excessive heat stored in the glove compartment of your car. Using two condoms for extra protection. This is only a partial list. I'll reprint below some information from the archives about proper condom usage.

I found your contact details online and your help would be very much appreciated as I am currently in a panic mode! I massage malmo billig anal beads to travel to South Africa for 10days on the Unfortunately my flight had to be rescheduled and I only returned back to the UK on Wednesday the My medication ran out on Monday evening the On Wednesday I had intercourse again with the same person and the condom broke again!

Once again I did not ejaculate and penetration was only for a few seconds! Thursday I returned to my local hospital to receive my further 2 weeks supply of PEP. I explained this to the doctor and there was explained to me that the PEP might not be effective. I am quite concerned about this? I did not tell the Doctor about the 2nd occasion on my return when the condom broke again.

Now I would like to know if my PEP treatment needs to be increased or do I just continue with the normal dosage of 28days keeping in massage malmo billig anal beads that I missed 60hours of treatment two weeks into the course and then their might be a second chance of infection at the time when my medication ran out.

Massage malmo billig anal beads off, what's up with your condoms? Did you buy them during the Reagan era? Have you been storing them in the glove box of your car parked in sweltering heat?

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