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If you don't think a threesome with 2 women 'makes her gay,' why is adding another dude different? Here are 5 reasons ALL men give the sexy experience of a threesome involving double vaginal penetration a try. So ask her. And for the love of everything kinkyuse lots of lube! I cannot stress this enough. I love organic, extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil personally.

In my experience, women have much more powerful orgasms during DVP, and because men LOVE being able to take a woman to orgasm, this contributes to their own heightened arousal in a BIG way. The best part is that a lot of women end up having multiple orgasms from DVP — as long as the guys can stay in the game long enough without their own orgasms hitting first a true challenge!

Knowing her man would rub [penises] with another [ penis ] while inside her and she is getting pleasure puts me over the edge. The sexual liberation of LGBTQ folks has albeit unconsciously begun to liberate straight folks as well, and we all deserve that permission sans judgment from closed-minded individuals dead-set on projecting their own limiting beliefs around sexuality.

Sure, that is possible. DVP sex promotes healthy male bonding and strengthens personal connections of all amateur frau double penetration sex. Males have long sought strong companionship and camaraderie with other males in all sorts of situations and environments.

Why have we made sex dirty and an inappropriate way to do the same thing? The physical amateur frau double penetration sex of double vaginal sex can lead to male friends developing even closer bonds and opening up to each other in ways they previously left unexplored.

One of the most powerful energies available to humans is sexual energy. When we amateur frau double penetration sex in sexual activity with another, our aural energies become intertwined. This is why some people unknowingly take on characteristics or moods of their partners after having sex without even realizing it.

Sex is a spiritual experience that connects us to the energy of the cosmos. All this is leading up to say that amateur frau double penetration sex you add more people to the equation, things get pretty intense energy-wise. In conclusion, double vaginal penetration is sensational for ALL involved and is a great way for men to give immense pleasure to their female partner while simultaneously exploring and honoring all facets of their own sexuality.

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