Hond als huisdier

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Wagering Rules

Sun 18 June 2017 Wagering Rules
  1. Player must tee off on first day to be "In Action". All wagers are then valid regardless whether the player finishes the tournament.

  2. The "Field" represents all players that do not have individual odds posted for an event. A win by any one of these players constitutes a win for all "Field" wagers.

  3. A winner for betting purposes is the declared winner as of midnight, Eastern time on the final day of the tournament, regardless if the tournament was shortened due to weather or other reason. If no winner is declared, all wagers are graded "No Action".

  4. Both players must tee off on first day for matchup to be "In Action".

  5. The player with the lowest score for the completed tournament will be declared the winner. Ties will be "No Action".

  6. If player A makes the cut, and player B does not, A is the winner.

  7. If players A & B miss the cut, the player with the lowest 2-day score is the winner.

  8. If player A misses the cut, but player B withdraws before the cut, A is the winner.

  9. If player A misses the cut, but player B withdraws after the cut, B is the winner.

  10. If both players withdraw at any time, the wager is "No Action".

  11. Scores are official at midnight Eastern time on the last day of the tournament. Score adjustments forced by rulings must be applied prior to this hour to be valid for betting purposes.