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Types of Poker Games

Thu 22 June 2017 Types of Poker Games

Three card poker is a popular game because there are bonus payouts as high as 50-1. It is easy to learn and ok to deal. One thing that is different is that a straight beats a flush in this game. The dealer needs a queen high to qualify. The player makes an ante bet and an optional pair plus bet to start then a play bet to continue. The ante and play bets must be the same and the pair plus bet can be the same or LESS. Some casinos allow the pair plus bet only.

Four card poker seems unfair because the dealer uses 6 cards and the player uses 5 cards to make the best 4 card hand. To offset this the player wins ties and can bet just the aces up bet and not play against the dealer. The player places an ante bet and an optional aces up bet and can bet up to 3 times the ante bet on the play bet. Bonus payouts are on the ante and aces up bets only. The dealer will expose one card after the hand has been dealt. The dealer always qualifies. When checking the hands pull out cards not used in the hand.

The players are not playing against the dealer in let it ride. They are trying to get a pair of tens or higher with their 3 cards and 2 community cards the dealer has. They place 3 equal bets and after looking at their 3 cards they may pull back the first bet or not. After the dealer turns over 1 card they may act on the second bet. The third bet will always remain. There are 2 bonus bets on this game.

Caribbean stud is a 5 card poker game. The dealer needs an ace/king or higher to qualify. Players place an ante bet and a $1 progressive bonus bet. The dealer will expose 1 card to the players. After looking at their hand the raise bet must be double the ante bet to continue. If the dealer does not qualify the ante bet pays even money and the raise bet is a push. The progressive bet is based soley on the players hand. 

Texas hold-em bonus is played with a single 52-card deck. The player makes an Ante wager, plus an optional Bonus bet. Two hole cards are dealt face down to the player and dealer. The player may look at his own cards. The player must either fold or make a Flop bet. The Flop bet must be two times the amount of the ante. Three community cards (the Flop) are dealt. The player may do nothing or make a Turn bet. The Turn bet must be exactly equal to the ante bet. A fourth community card is dealt (the Turn). The player may do nothing or make a River bet. The River bet must be exactly equal to the ante bet. A fifth community card is dealt (the River). The player and dealer each make the best five-card hand using any combination of the five community cards and his own two initial hole cards. The higher hand wins. If the dealer has the higher hand the player will lose all wagers, except possibly the Bonus bet. If the player has the higher hand the Flop, Turn, and River bets will pay even money. If the player has a winning flush or higher the Ante bet will also pay even money, otherwise it will push. If the player and dealer have hands of equal value the the Ante, Flop, Turn, and River bets will all push. The Bonus bet will pay based only the player's initial two hole cards, according to the pay table posted.