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Playboy Poker Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Playboy Poker Review

There's not really that much to say about Playboy Poker, it's quite obviously owned by the huge Playboy Network which is one of the most famous brand names in the whole world. It uses very safe and secure software created by the Cryptologic group, this allows people to access an array of different games. Playboy Poker also has some of the best prizes you could ever imagine, but lets not kid ourselves here, this isnt really about the poker, but more a lifestyle choice that you play at hugh hefners poker room, and have the chance of meeting the playmates at the playboy mansion :).

The software that Playboy Poker uses is pretty standard, the only problem is that it tends to hog system resources. The lobby is quite easy to understand and the different games are separated by tabs. You can't however filter games by searching for empty or full tables, not something most people would miss but I did. If you join a waiting list for a game it can be problematic as the reminder popups do not pop up on the front, it's very easy to miss this invitation. You can't resize tables which is a bit of a nuisance. There is a very easy to follow bonus tracking system, the points you earn can be seen instantly while you play. You can also see a running total of these points in your lobby page.

Traffic on Playboy Poker is combined with other sites on the Cryptologic network. These include other big name sites such as Inter Poker. This means that the numbers of cash players is pretty good. Players playing cash games normally go over 4000 at peak times.

Playboy Poker runs a number of different Sit'n'go tournaments and multi-table tournaments, these are run everyday. The Sit n go tournaments don't have as much traffic as many of the others due to the fairly low buy ins. Playboy Poker also offers MTT but it doesn't get much interest. There are guaranteed $1000 daily games with buy-ins of around $11. They are currently working on promoting their MTT system.

The players that are attracted to playboy poker are normally of a better standard than many other sites. This is true for all players on the Cryptologic network, you can assume that they are pretty experienced. This is probably mainly because they do not allow players from the USA. there are howver a few people who just signed up to look at the bunny girls..lol.

At the moment there is a £50 sign up bonus and also bonus offers for monthly deposits. To get this bonus you must first earn 5 times in MPP points which shouldnt take long in a few $1-$2 cash games and the odd tournament buy-in..

If you join the Playboy Poker rewards club you can earn Bunny Money which is by no means funny money! You can use this to redeem on goods and certain exclusive prizes including visiting the playboy mansion, or lunch with the playboy playmates for four guests!.

MPPs and Bunny Money are the same thing and completely interchangeable. They are earned in certain games where the rake level is above $0.25. In tournaments you earn 3 MPP points for each dollar in buy in costs. You can use these points to enter tournaments which nobody else can. You can also use bunny money in the store. You will be sent a statement on the 25th of every month. Where you can convert this bunny money into points for entry into other tournaments if you wish. You can use the money to subscribe to magazines, purchase chips and other playboy merchandise. Each point is worth $0.0024.

Over all Playboy Poker doesnt set my world on fire. But having the odd picture of scantily clad ladies hanging around certainly helped.

Win a trip to meet the Playboy bunny's with Playboy Poker