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Party Poker Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Party Poker Review

Party Poker is very well known, even if you don't play poker. Most people are aware of Party Poker before visiting their site. It's the biggest and most popular online poker network in the whole world. They sponsor the latenight poker on channel 4. in the UK aswell as many of their own live poker tournaments. Party Poker has some good promotions and decent software.

Playboy Poker Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Playboy Poker Review

There's not really that much to say about Playboy Poker, it's quite obviously owned by the huge Playboy Network which is one of the most famous brand names in the whole world. It uses very safe and secure software created by the Cryptologic group, this allows people to access an array of different games. Playboy Poker also has some of the best prizes you could ever imagine, but lets not kid ourselves here, this isnt really about the poker, but more a lifestyle choice that you play at hugh hefners poker room, and have the chance of meeting the playmates at the playboy mansion :).

Upgraded Affiliate Marketing Materials at Party Poker

Fri 19 May 2017 Upgraded Affiliate Marketing Materials at Party Poker

The new featured PartyPoker.com and exciting “Super Revenue Share” promotion have new marketing materials. To facilitate your advertising, we have launched new concept creative assets. We encourage you to explore and take advantage of the new collection available in PartyPartners.com.

Gambling in the USA

Fri 12 May 2017 Gambling in the USA

If you are a USA gambler, looking for a good place to gamble online, then you are at the right page. On account of recent prohibitions imposed on banks that cooperated with online casinos, and proceeded deposits for them, many gambling sites have decided to ban US players from gambling. The majority of such companies are publicly held, and everything they do, is for their stock holders good.

5 reasons to play poker online

Thu 11 May 2017 5 reasons to play poker online

Online poker has become a big business, and is growing in popularity year after year. There are various different reasons why this is the case, and in particular why people are looking towards the Internet to indulge their poker playing desires. Let’s quickly consider five of the main reasons why people play poker online.

Gambling and Slots History

Thu 11 May 2017 Gambling and Slots History

Gambling history entails of slot machine as an admired casino game. Every year, slot machines provide seventy percent of the entire casino income. Recognized as the city for gamblers, Las Vegas has a slot machine ration of one to eight that means a single slot machine available for eight gamblers. Accounts of slot machine narrate the casino game's fame.

How to win playing slots

Thu 11 May 2017 How to win playing slots

Playing slot machines, you have to count only on your luck. The decision whether you will win or not is made before the game starts. If the wheels are spinning, nothing can change – everything is already settled. It is so because the winning or losing is hinged on the computer’s random choice. The computer system which controls the slot machines work is called a Random Number Generator. The result of the game is completely random and a particular sequence may not occur even for years. The Random Number Generator generates combinations which cannot be predicted in any way. The player has no control over the game – it’s just a case of luck. Although your chances of winning cannot be predicted, you may take some additional profits from playing at the casino. For instance, many casinos give long-standing players club cards. These cards provide you with some extras or bonuses. If you use such a card while gambling, you get some points which allow you to have free drinks or snacks. The card gives also an opportunity to win something more valuable, like a whole night at the casino or other precious gifts. If you have such a card, even if you lose some money, you can still get something valuable so that you will not come back home with nothing. The more you gamble, the more you can get thanks to the membership card.

Introduction to Progressive Slots

Thu 11 May 2017 Introduction to Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines do not have such a long history as traditional slots. This type of slots was introduced at the beginning of 1980’s, when computer technology got more advanced. Computer programming enabled to link a few slots with each other. At this time microchips were introduced into slot machines. Thanks to that the machines could have been controlled by the computer. In 1986 IGT (the machine manufacturer) created the first progressive slot machine.

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