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How to win playing slots

Thu 11 May 2017 How to win playing slots

Playing slot machines, you have to count only on your luck. The decision whether you will win or not is made before the game starts. If the wheels are spinning, nothing can change – everything is already settled. It is so because the winning or losing is hinged on the computer’s random choice. The computer system which controls the slot machines work is called a Random Number Generator. The result of the game is completely random and a particular sequence may not occur even for years. The Random Number Generator generates combinations which cannot be predicted in any way. The player has no control over the game – it’s just a case of luck. Although your chances of winning cannot be predicted, you may take some additional profits from playing at the casino. For instance, many casinos give long-standing players club cards. These cards provide you with some extras or bonuses. If you use such a card while gambling, you get some points which allow you to have free drinks or snacks. The card gives also an opportunity to win something more valuable, like a whole night at the casino or other precious gifts. If you have such a card, even if you lose some money, you can still get something valuable so that you will not come back home with nothing. The more you gamble, the more you can get thanks to the membership card.

Before starting playing slot machines, you should decide whether you prefer traditional slots or progressive slot machines. The difference between them is that non-progressive slots give lower winning if you bet low. If you do not like to risk much money and you like to make low bets, you should rather choose traditional slot machines. But if you like risking and you have funds for playing high you should stick to progressive slots. It is profitable to play progressive slot machines with high bets. You have an opportunity to win really high. In progressive slots you have to make a sufficiently high bet in order to be qualified to play for the great jackpot. An important rule is not to play many lines, for example twenty, on penny slots. The house advantage is high if you play with small denomination. It is better to play a single line but on a quarter slot. When the bet is higher, the payout rate is more profitable for the player.

For example, $10 or $5 slot payout rate reaches even 95%. There is one more thing which may turn out to be useful while playing. Pay attention to the location of the slot machine you are going to play. Many casinos have two payout rates. The majority of slots have the lower payout rate, but there are some machines which have a really high rate, for instance, 95%. The general rule in a casino is that the slots with the higher rate are always located near such places as bars, etc. In such locations there are always a lot of people. So, if the player wins, many other punters can see that. It attracts them to play more – the will of winning becomes stronger. You can take advantage of that fact. Always seek slot machines with good location. It is very probable that you will choose a machine with the highest payout rate.