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Gambling and Slots History

Thu 11 May 2017 Gambling and Slots History

Gambling history entails of slot machine as an admired casino game. Every year, slot machines provide seventy percent of the entire casino income. Recognized as the city for gamblers, Las Vegas has a slot machine ration of one to eight that means a single slot machine available for eight gamblers. Accounts of slot machine narrate the casino game's fame.

Pitt and Sittman were among the creators of slot machine. This device of chance started spreading luck in 1891. Before, the device was merely for entertainment because there was no money involved. Slot machine owners give cigarettes or a bottle of beer as a prize for winning each game. As starters, nickels became bets for slot machine, wherein players only pull the slot lever when they desire to gamble. Enterprises, who want to increase their incomes, would cheat by taking off Jack of Hearts or Ten of Spade. This event reduced the player's chance of winning through the Royal Flush.

Following account of slot machine came at Brooklyn. The inventor was Charles Fey during the 19th century, which he termed "Liberty Bell." The fame of liberty bell came so fast that it reached San Francisco, California initiating the modern type of slot machines. Inventors of the new slot machine provided higher automation because of reels. By this time, the machine has three reels marked with five symbols. The symbols consist of hearts, diamond, hearts, Liberty Bell, and horseshoe. Furthermore, Charles Fey established an easy pay system in slot machines that increased the population of gambler.

In order to win in slot machines, gamblers should win a combination of three symbols. When the symbols included liberty bell, the prize available for players is ten nickels. Subsequently, another type of slot machine was introduced that gave candies as prizes.

During the mid-20th century, another type of slot machine was created. The inventor of this variant was Bally, who thought of adding electricity for greater automation. Obviously, this machine was much innovated compared to Charles Fey's creation.

Due to insistent popularity, the invention of Penny Slot machine started spreading its esteem among gamblers. Bills are now the bets for playing penny slot machine, which were nickels before. After some time, bets were changed to tokens and then came back as nickels. Penny slot machine attracted more gamblers because of simplicity and entertainment. The transformation of penny slot machine had the agenda of delivering cheaper entertainment with big bucks. However, it does not take one penny to win at slot machines but much bigger than a dollar.