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Betting Systems: Trioplay

Mon 29 May 2017 Betting Systems: Trioplay

Trioplay is a system which is sold over the net, so this is more of a review than an explanation of the system - hopefully within the bounds of their rather heavy copyright notices.

Trioplay has three sections to the system, the first can be downloaded from their website, and the other two must be bought at a price of $65. I must state upfront that I have not purchased this system and so this is just my views on what is written in their first section.

Note: I personally would not buy any roulette system, and I include this page in my website only because the first section is free to download and may be of interest to some members.

I will start by pointing out some of the bad points that I have noted in there first section, and then relay some off the good points.


The system designer states that this system is ‘mathematical’ and then says ‘always stick to the same even money bet’ - as each spin is independent these quotes lead me to question the mathematical knowledge of the designers.

Trioplay states that whenever there is a no-spin then the system must be reset. As a dealer I have been trained to replace the ball into the previous winning number before spinning again. This, along with my mathematical knowledge tells me that this is totally irrelevant.

Trioplay uses three different ‘counts’ and three ‘indicators’ to explain it’s system. This appears to be trying to makes it sound very mathematical and professional when it is actually fairly simple and could be explained far more easily (although the author does say that it is simple once learnt).

You are actually playing with the casinos money’ - If you have read any of my other articles you will know that I do not like this phrase. If you can cash in and walk out of the door without being arrested then the money is YOURS.

The author is very honest about what the system is capable of. On a number of occasions he states that it is not a miracle system. While the authors has strong views against computer testing he does concede that the long term house edge will not be altered. When you buy the system you also join a group of enthusiastic roulette players to swap stories and ideas with.

Without purchasing the full package it is difficult to give a complete review of the system. Trioplay’s price is reasonable when compared to other systems and you may feel that the full system along with the inclusion into a group of enthusiasts is worth the price. I would like to know how large the group is before purchasing (I’ve e-mailed the author on this point), and I would suggest you use another method other than your credit card to buy the product.

If you would like to check out the first part of the system then you can download it FREE from www.trioplay.com - if you have any views on this or any other system I would be pleased to hear them.

Your review, as was sent to me on 7/7/00, does not infringe our copyright and I'm glad to say that I'm completely satisfied with your review and I appreciate your honesty as well. We, Trioplay, actually only want experienced roulette players to join, who know from their experience that there is NO WAY OF BEATING the ODDS. We offer a system that must me played on a visit to visit basis at a casino. BUT, In the end the odds Will eventually catch up with you. If you are not able to accept this eventuality then the Trioplay Program is not for you.

As of this date the TRC has a Registered Membership of 812 Members, of which only about 150 members are actively participating in our support and research program.

I'm not quite sure why you say that prospective members must not use their credit cards to join. We have a 7 day full refund policy and use some of the best encryption methods to protect clients details.

I believe this reply says more about Trioplay than any reviewer could. In reply to Trioplay’s response to my caution on credit cards I would say that Internet roulette systems have in the past had a very bad name, but Trioplay appears to be the exception to the rule.