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Texas HOlden Poker

Sat 23 September 2017 Texas HOlden Poker

For almost everyone who has enjoyed playing Texas Hold’em Poker, there comes a point where you want to give online poker rooms a try and see if you can make money with online poker. Beginner poker players usually spend some time reading books and articles on poker strategy for online play and the main differences you should know. Finally, it is time to try your first game of poker online – some beginner quite well from the beginning, while others have completely failed to stop the game online and quite fast. Unfortunately for many online players without success, to let it all could have been avoided had they followed some simple rules beginners. Here are some of the best moves for beginners to make money with online poker and also saw the worst common movement for beginners.


Tue 19 September 2017 Sportsbetting

Sportsbetting has been around for hundreds of years… whether it is betting on a bull fight or betting on a boxing match. Technology has given it an entirely new dimension, and put a spin on it, but it isn’t going anywhere… Sportsbetting is definitely here to stay!

Texas Hold em Poker

Wed 13 September 2017 Texas Hold em Poker

Each Player is dealt two cards, these are known as ‘hole cards’. They are dealt face down and only the player should see these. The dealer then deals out three cards, face up, in the center of the table. These are known as the ‘flop’. The dealer then deals one card face up, known as ‘the turn’. The dealer then deals a final card, for a total of five, known as ‘the river’. A round of betting takes place after each dealer move, so after the hole cards are dealt is the first round, after the flop is dealt, after the river, and after the turn. At the end of betting, between the two hole cards the player is holding and the five cards in the center of the table, the person with the best five card poker hand wins.

Video Poker

Thu 07 September 2017 Video Poker

The objective of Video Poker is to receive the highest ranked poker hand possible.


Wed 06 September 2017 Blackjack

Along with most card games, blackjack is regarded as a game of skill. As noted in blackjack rules, the one with the hand closes to 21 without exceeding 21 wins. For the player to be triumphant, he only needs to beat the blackjack dealer regardless of what the other players have. In a situation where both the player and the dealer have the same score, it is a push and there is no winner. The cards in blackjack are assigned different values.

Craps the old game gets an Online Twist

Tue 05 September 2017 Craps the old game gets an Online Twist

Craps is one of the oldest and most popular gambling games around. There are many reasons for this but to understand why craps is so popular it will help to know the basics of the game. In order to play craps you will need one person to be the bank and the rest to be players. In a casino setting the casino is the bank, but in a friendly game this can be the house owner or pretty much anyone. This house has a very slight advantage, in fact one of the slightest in all games you can find in a casino. This is the reason that craps is so popular. The game is played with two six sided dice. Before they are rolled bets are placed. As the game progresses more bets can be placed.

Progressive Jackpot: Casino Alerts

Fri 01 September 2017 Progressive Jackpot: Casino Alerts

A progressive jackpot is the biggest cash payoff via a gaming machine, such as slot machine or video poker machine. Progressive jackpot is one, the value of which grows gradually but slowly (by small amounts) for every game played.

Gambling online: goods and bads

Tue 29 August 2017 Gambling online: goods and bads

What is the your reason for gambling online? If it is to win, avoid 7 Sultans Casino like you would avoid the plague . You MAY win, but you will NOT collect your winnings without walking on water. I have been trying for over a month to collect a meager $50. cash-in. I made an initial deposit of $25, played for a long time and cashed in $50. They would NOT process my cash-in....said I did not play my bonus X number of times (hadn't even received a bonus yet). I played again, for a long time, and AGAIN tried to cash in $50 (the first week in June) and STILL do not have the money. They have made me fax them copies of my driver's license, voter's registration, bank account statement, home and auto insurance policy and a sworn statement regarding my original $25 deposit. NOW they are asking for credit card statements, and I did NOT use any credit card. Think what problems you would have if you tried to cash in a LARGE amount of winnings!!!!!

The Iconic Meadow

Tue 29 August 2017 The Iconic Meadow

Explore for yourself the iconic city in Nevada that is dubbed as the center of American gambling. There is more than just gambling, there are shows, spas, restaurants shopping malls and everything for anyone. The iconic city of Las Vegas is the largest city founded in the 20th century. Recently it has become the popular destination for vacationing Americans. Every year more than 30 million visitors flock to this desert wonder, stay in some luxurious casino hotel and experience the one of a kind entertainment the city has to offer. There is no other way that Las Vegas is known other than the United States Mecca of gambling and entertainment. Founded in 1905, its birth was probably due to Nevada's legalization of gambling. The world saw how the city flourished from just a strip in the 1940's to one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. Until the 1970's when gambling was also legalized in Atlantic City, New Jersey Las Vegas did not have any serious competitors in America. As Atlantic City grew there came a competition that led to the expansion of what is now modern Las Vegas. A smaller crowd still visits the old nostalgic downtown area. Now the older downtown area is having a form of revival with attempts to target a more upscale set of clients with the construction of an exclusive shopping mall and chic hotels. There is the proliferation of specialty restaurants that suit just about everybody's taste.

Latest Gambling News

Mon 21 August 2017 Latest Gambling News

A New England casino sets its sights on hosting NCAA basketball games; researchers find a new medical treatment for pathological gambling; Howard Stern and Golden Palace prepare to give away $1 million; six U.S. states approve Mikohn's "Ripley's Believe it or Not" slot machine; Tennessee says no to casino gambling; and a $46 million jackpot waits to be claimed by its winner in New Jersey.

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